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We are pleased to announce that several solutions by IBM have won in various categories of the TrustRadius Best of Awards.

Technology-buying journeys have grown more complex, affecting how buyers and vendors interact. Buyers now identify the most important attributes for their use cases and businesses without ever talking to a vendor. In fact, they don’t trust vendors. Some studies show as high as 87% of buyers want self-service for most, if not all, of their buying journey.

Of course, every business and buyer team have unique needs and priorities as they move forward toward modernization. Some buyers prioritize top-of-the-line feature sets, while others are interested in the best value for price.

TrustRadius highlights products that stand out in the attributes that matter most to buyers through their 2022 Best of Awards. We are pleased to report that several solutions by IBM have won in various categories.

Best Relationship, Best Value for Price and Best Feature Set

The IBM® Power® System S922 solution won TrustRadius awards for Best Relationship, Best Value for Price and Best Feature Set. As a cloud-enabled 1- or 2-socket 2U scale-out server designed to be a secure and reliable solution for mission-critical workloads, it is the ideal building block for hybrid cloud environments. We listen closely to what our clients and partners need from their IT infrastructure, and these awards show that our clients trust our work on the Power platform to run their businesses.

See what our users had to say about this Power Systems solution:

  • “The IBM Power [System] S922 [server] is critical to our technology environment and built to avoid any type of service downtime or loss of important business process data.” — IT Analyst, Chemicals
  • “Implementing this server has increased the performance, privacy, security and reliability of our e-commerce system.” — CEO, Computer Software

IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology also won in all three of these categories due to its easy-to-use, secure tooling for automating business and IT processes at scale. Our clients need an AI-driven solution that provides security and governance capabilities. Meanwhile, it’s vital to achieve flexibility to scale up while being able to integrate with other capabilities as the clients’ needs expand. We’ve focused on delivering Natural Language Processing and Understanding capabilities, providing intelligent chatbots that integrate with messaging platforms and integrating with our IBM Cloud Pak® solutions for flexibility and accelerated business growth.

Our clients have noticed the ease-of-use, ability to integrate and cost savings from IBM RPA technology, stating the following:

  • “IBM RPA is very good to build well-structured bots in an easy-to-navigate environment with clean UI” — Research & Development, Computer Software
  • “IBM Robotic Process Automation is well suited to connect with other technologies and databases — handles the browser and Microsoft Office very well, reading text files, reading web and applications selectors . . . among others.” — Verified User, Information Technology & Services
  • “It reduces human errors, speeds access to up-to-date customer information, reduces the total cost of ownership and saves employee time” — Software Engineer, Airboxr

Best Relationship and Best Feature Sets

The IBM Power System S924 server won for Best Relationship and Best Feature Sets, demonstrating its success as solution built to be a secure, reliable, cloud-enabled 1- or 2-socket 4U scale-out server for critical workloads.

See what praise our clients gave about their success with this Power Systems solution:

  • “IBM Power [System] S924 [server] is a great solution because it has catered to all the problems of our organization in a seamless way.” — Senior Research Associate, Financial Services
  •  “IBM Power [System] S924 [server] is ideal, robust and advanced for multi-cloud and hybrid applications, which deal with extensive workloads — in this case, databases.” — IT Consultant, Healthcare

Also receiving recognition in these categories is IBM Power Systems Virtual Server, which enables clients to run workloads on Power Systems, both on-premises and off-premises. Integrated with the IBM Cloud® platform for on-demand provisioning, this product is built to provide a secure and scalable server virtualization environment. Along with access to a stack of enterprise IBM Cloud services and pay-as-you-go billing, users are enabled to easily scale up and out. We are delighted our clients chose IBM and honored to receive these awards as we continue to grow this product collaboratively with our IBM Business Partners® to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Here are some quotes from our users that contributed to these awards:

Lastly, IBM Cloud File Storage technology earned the same accolades, proving it to be a premier storage solution for simplifying the entering and storing of data. Since 2016, lower prices, flash-backed architecture with encryption-at-rest, snapshots and replication, a full lineup of high-performance input/output operations per second (IOPS) tiers and granular volume sizes have been released to meet our clients’ requirements. We take customer feedback seriously, and these awards validate our commitment to a purposeful roadmap of consistent, globally available feature sets. Stay tuned for availability across our next-generation IBM Cloud VPC Infrastructure.

Here are some quotes from our users that contributed to the award:

  • “IBM Cloud File Storage [technology] is a fine-tuned platform that takes even complex, detailed and reliable content. For [outstanding] performance, IBM Cloud File Storage has developed customization features that focus on the organization of the files and the security precautions.” — Database Administrator, Cathay Bank
  • “The entire organization depends on this platform to ensure that all our data is safely stored in the cloud. It has saved us from data loss and mismanagement of information.” —  Software Engineer, Citrix

TrustRadius Awards have become an industry standard for unbiased recognition of B2B technology products, based entirely on customer feedback. IBM is honored to receive these achievements and will continue to work diligently to surpass our clients’ needs.

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