What is IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a containerized software platform pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. It helps you quickly integrate your existing security tools to generate deeper insights into threats, orchestrate actions and automate responses—all while leaving your data where it is.

What can I do with the IBM Cloud Pak for Security?

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a platform for building an integrated security ecosystem. Our initial offerings will solve for two critical needs: 

  • Simplify and speed investigations
    Using federated search, you can investigate threats and indicators of compromise (IOC) across the organization using the security tools you already have in place. Uncover and analyze those insights against your threat intelligence sources or from IBM.
  • Respond quickly and thoroughly to threats
    Orchestration and automation help you respond to cybersecurity incidents with confidence. Find and remediate threats by automating and prioritizing tasks, and collaborating across teams.

Which of my existing tools can I connect to from the platform for more integrated security?

IBM Cloud Pak for Security connects to third party tools and data sources, including multiple SIEMs, end point detection systems, threat intelligence services and identity and cloud repositories.

You can also build a customized connector to any tool or homegrown database in your environment. IBM Security offers a number of options to help, including:

  • Open source technology, co-developed across the security community via the OASIS Open Cybersecurity Alliance.
  • IBM Security Labs Services consulting and development to analyze and build a connector for your environment.

What is IBM’s role in the Open Cybersecurity Alliance?

Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) project, an OASIS open project, aims to connect the fragmented cybersecurity landscape and enable disparate security products to freely exchange information, out of the box, using mutually agreed upon technologies, standards, and procedures.

IBM Security is a co-founder and initial contributor to the OCA project. IBM is contributing the STIX Shifter federated search technology to OCA, which is a core capability offered in IBM Cloud Pak for Security.

How do I get started?

Contact IBM Security for a free consultation with an expert to discuss how to accelerate security in the cloud.