What can data science offer you in your journey to AI?

The data science portfolio within journey to AI focuses on building and scaling AI with trust and transparency, while educating users with “easy-to-get-started” tutorials. Our selection of products ranges from predictive to prescriptive analytics and addresses the issues of automating tedious repetitive tasks, predicting outcomes, and driving more data-backed decisions. Open by design and powered by IBM Research, this multicloud data science and AI lifecycle product portfolio delivers a range of capabilities that helps organizations take advantage of machine and human intelligence.

See why IBM earned a leader designation from Forrester for IBM Watson Studio

Steps to AI success

Simplify the AI lifecycle of preparing data and building, deploying, and managing your models

Prepare and Organize Data

Catalog, analyze, and deliver business-ready data

Watson Knowledge Catalog

Build and Train AI Models

Turn machine-learning insights into improved actions.

Watson Studio

Deploy and Run AI Models

Flexibly scale and deploy AI anywhere and avoid lock-in.

Watson Machine Learning

Manage and Operate Trusted AI

Minimize risk by debiasing models, explaining outcomes, and correcting model drift

Watson OpenScale

DSK Bank & SPSS Modeler Gold

Read how DSK bank streamlined its model deployment process with IBM SPSS Modeler Gold--accelerating customer service and controlling risk.

KPMG & Watson OpenScale

KPMG is using Watson OpenScale to build trust, transparency and explainability for their customers.

What’s new

Find out what’s new within IBM Data science and AI

How industry experts are using IBM SPSS Statistics

Read how industry experts are using SPSS Statistic in market research, academia, healthcare, and government.

Text analytics in Watson Studio Desktop

Learn to analyze unstructured data such as emails, call logs and web pages with Text Analytics.

IBM Watson OpenScale builds trust in AI

Read how IBM Watson OpenScale enables organizations to implement AI at scale, while building trust in AI via monitoring, fairness and explainability.

See how the AI ladder can help your company get ready for an AI and multicloud world.

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