What is entity analytics?

Entity analytics provides a platform to assist in the fight against threat and fraud. It uses context accumulation principles for detecting like and related entities across large, sparse and disparate collections of data. Perform analytics on events, people, things, transactions and relationships to make better decisions faster.

IBM solutions offer context accumulation, real-time analysis, embedded analytics and complex event processing to help organizations respond faster.


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Entity analytics by IBM

Fight identity fraud and vulnerabilities in your data.

Combating insurance fraud with entity analytics

Combat insurance fraud by accurately identifying individuals, discovering complex relationships, and finding links to fraudulent activity.

Outsmarting the social services fraudster

Reduce time and labor caseload management, quickly comply with new regulations cost-effectively, and preemptively identify fraudulent behavior.

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Empower every data user and line-of-business leader with high-value, 360-degree views of trusted data to drive business insights and intelligence.

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