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Helps manage, search, analyze and compare multicultural name data sets
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Enhances enterprise global name search and analysis IBM® InfoSphere® Global Name Management helps manage, search, analyze, and compare multicultural name data sets by leveraging culture specific name data and linguistic rules.
Benefits Identify correct names

Conducts knowledge-based name matching that considers every name, which greatly reduces false negatives and false positives.

Simplifies name search and analysis

Performs name matching against lists and other data sources and provides likely variations.

Uses powerful ranking analytics

Scores and ranks results by leveraging linguistics-based search capabilities that consider similarity of pronunciation to identify matches as well as cultural variations.

Recognizes and interprets names

Recognizes written, hand-keyed, and oral interpretations of name data.

Provides trusted actionable insights

Identifies and classifies the cultural heritage, country of association, gender, and parsing of a name, allowing for actionable business decisions.

Supports transliteration

Handles transliterations from Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Hangul (Korean), and Kana (Japanese) which includes both Hiragana and Katakana.

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How it’s used

Global Management Name Analyzer See how you can use the Name Analyzer to understand name structures from different cultures.

Global Name Management in Action Watch a brief demo of name analysis and matching of names against multiple data lists.

InfoSphere Global Name Management Transform global name search and analysis

Deliver an innovative suite of name analysis and name scoring technologies that are designed to address the specific needs and demands of managing, searching, scoring, and matching multicultural name data sets from diverse cultures around the globe.

Support many languages

Meet the unique demands of managing data sets from cultures as diverse as Anglo/European, Arabic, Chinese, Hispanic, French, German, Indian, Korean, Pakistani, Russian Slavic, Thai, Japanese, Western African cultures and more.

Use powerful linguistic data

Draw upon a unique knowledge base of global linguistic data built from nearly a billion names from around the world. Global name Management leverages culture-specific name data statistics to produce fact-based name analysis, which supports search and match and scoring techniques designed for the cultures of the names being processed.

Provide an industry-leading name search solution

Empower your enterprise with an industry leading toolkit that enhances applications with linguistic and cultural awareness, enabling the applications to handle data in a globally diverse landscape.

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