Join IBM at Oracle OpenWorld2014

September 28-October 02, 2014
San Francisco, CA

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Every year Oracle OpenWorld offers a schedule that's bursting with sessions, demos, networking events and more—all geared to making your applications work better. This year is no exception and IBM will be there to discuss the issues that are important to you.

IBM Speaking Sessions OOW 2014

Session Name Session number Speaker Abstract
What’s New in Portlet 3.0 BOF2210 Neil Griffin, Martin Nicklous In this session, you will see Portlet 3.0 demos and have the opportunity to provide feedback on these new features before the standard is finalized.
The OpenJDK Harfbuzz Integration Project BOF2890 Philip Race, Steven Loomis This BOF is a forum where the project’s developers can interact with interested Java developers and solicit ideas and feedback.
Connecting the Eclipse IDE to the Cloud-Based Era of Developer Tooling CON1739 John Arthorne, Martin Lippert This session describes a new open source project that aims to bridge a gap. Live demos in the session include impressive Java language tooling running in the browser.
Getting the Most Value from Your Oracle Commerce Platform and Siebel Integration CON2739 Oliver Seiffert, Raoul Mayr Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the technical architecture for boosting their e-commerce with the powerful combination of Siebel and Oracle Commerce software.
Building Small and Efficient Internet of Things Applications with Concierge CON3007 Jan Rellermeyer, Tim Verbelen This presentation explains how a downsized and optimized OSGi implementation can help you build modular and flexible Internet of Things applications.
Taking the Application Server to Web Scale with Netflix Open Source Software CON3394 David Currie This session looks at how to simplify the creation of resilient and scalable applications by using Netflix open source software with an extensible Java EE application server.