Why IBM Z technologies

IBM Z® software and hardware technologies are continuously evolving to help enterprises transform. The new IBM z15™ can transform your application and data portfolio with innovative data privacy, security, and cyber resiliency capabilities for your  hybrid cloud.

What we offer

Technologies for security

Protect data by policy

Extend data protection and privacy from your IBM z15 to your entire enterprise through the use policy controls.

Pervasive encryption

Stop choosing which data to encrypt. Encrypt data on IBM z15 – with no application changes.

Protect data in flight

Encrypt all data flowing on FICON® and Fibre Channel (FCP) links from the z15 multi-frame to DS8900F.

Securely build, deploy and manage apps

Protect mission-critical apps in hybrid multicloud environments.

Centralize key management

Efficiently and securely manage keys for IBM z/OS data set encryption on IBM Z.

More about security on IBM Z

Technologies for resiliency

Instant recovery

See how you can minimize downtime and speed up the return to your pre-shutdown SLAs by up to 2X.


This multi- or single-site system recovery offering uses replication and clustering technologies to automate disaster recovery.

Parallel Sysplex

This clustering technology helps systems maintain continuous application availability.

Use a trusted execution environment (TEE)

Isolate workloads at granularity and scale and help protect them from internal and external threats.

Get data to analyze workloads

Generate summarized activity of operating system, middleware and workload components for performance diagnosis.

Identify root causes across subsystems

Correlate, prioritize and view anomalous activity in data with a single user interface.

Technologies for cloud native

Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks™

Develop and deploy cloud native applications faster and more effectively on IBM Z.

Integrate cloud services

Securely access z/OS services with platforms such as OpenShift®.

Build as you like

Develop z/OS apps with software such as COBOL, PL/I, HLASM, Java® and C/C++.

Technologies for AI and analytics

Embed AI into apps

Build machine learning models using your platform of choice and deploy those models within transactional applications while maintaining SLAs.

Gain real-time insights

Exploit in-memory computing, gain insights and optimize the runtime of open source technologies such as Spark, Anaconda and Python.

Analyze data at speed

Transform IBM Z into a hybrid transaction and analytic processing (HTAP) environment by analyzing transactional data as it is generated.

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