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Various sophisticated operating systems run on IBM mainframes—the security-rich, resilient and agile platform for integrating into your hybrid cloud strategy
Illustration of IBM Z and IBM LinuONE 4 servers

An operating system is a collection of programs that manage a computer system's internal workings—its memory, processors, devices and file system.

Mainframe operating systems are sophisticated products with substantially different characteristics and purposes.

IBM Z® mainframes run on z/OS®, Linux® and z/TPF, with multiple operating systems (OS) often running on a single mainframe. IBM z/VM® and KVM are hypervisors designed to run Linux, z/OS and z/TPF virtual machines (VM) as well as Red Hat® OpenShift® on IBM Z and LinuxONE servers.

Each operating system and hypervisor have unique characteristics that bring the security, resiliency and agility of the mainframe platform to your hybrid cloud.

Mainframe operating system training

Grow and future-proof your skills with training for z/OS, Linux, z/VM and more.

Mainframe operating system z/OS for security and flexibility

Get an operating system ready to run mainframe apps and Linux containers with high availability, utilization, agility and security.


Mainframe operating system Linux for open-source agility

Enterprise Linux delivers security, efficiency and performance to your Linux and container workloads on premises and in hybrid clouds.

Linux on IBM Z mainframe

Mainframe operating system z/TPF for transaction processing

Process high transaction volumes—such as credit cards and airline reservations—in near-real-time with an operating system designed for the quality service of the mainframe.


Hypervisor operating server z/VM hypervisor for virtualization at scale

Run thousands of Linux on Z virtual machines on one system–as well as z/OS and z/TPF—with reliability, performance, system management and security for your applications.


Hypervisor operating server KVM for an open source hypervisor

This strategic open source component for the IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE platforms is offered through our Linux distribution partners to help simplify ordering.

Infrastructure services for IBM Z

Our technical consultants can help you design, build and implement the foundation of a smart enterprise on highly available z/OS, z/VM, KVM and Linux infrastructure solutions.

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