What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Passenger+ allows flight crews to rebook flights while in transit, as well as offer other personalized services to passengers in flight – including special offers and baggage information. Flight delays are more and more commonplace, as airports struggle to keep up with growing demand. Previously flight attendants could only act as sympathetic witnesses to passenger delays, but could not tackle them head on. Now flight crews can offer services to passengers in flight to turn inconveniences into opportunities and demonstrate outstanding customer service.

Get key information from one dashboard

Flight attendants can tap into an intuitive dashboard on iPad to identify VIP passengers, see who’ll be missing connections and view up-to-the-minute alternative flights.

Book reservations in flight

Access airline reservation systems from the air to re-book delayed passengers to new flights.

Add value to the customer experience

After landing, passengers find e-ticket confirmations in their inboxes and can add it to Passbook on their iPhone.

Minimize maintenance delays

Report maintenance and equipment issues while in flight and avoid lost time on the ground after landing.

Four good reasons to use Passenger+

  • The app uses powerful analytics to resolve issues
  • Flight attendants get the information they need quickly
  • The app enables exceptional customer service
  • The app is backed by a great service plan