A new era of agile planning and exploratory analytics

In today’s volatile business environment, organizations need speed, agility and foresight in their financial and operational performance management. IBM Planning Analytics delivers on all three. Powered by IBM TM1 and deployable on cloud or on premises, IBM Planning Analytics automates planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It enables Finance and line of business users to coordinate their planning, linking key business drivers to financial KPIs. 

This powerful financial planning and analysis solution helps you:

  • Create timely, reliable plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Perform in-depth, what-if scenario analysis to test assumptions and compare alternatives
  • Build multidimensional models to analyze profitability by product, customer, region and more 
  • Communicate insights with compelling, self-service visualizations
  • Collaborate and integrate plans across Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Operations, HR and more

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Business benefits

Accelerate decisions

Accelerate decisions

With a single source of truth, you can reduce planning cycles, get real-time insights and make more informed decisions.

Collaborate in every way

Collaborate in every way

Use a single solution in place of point solutions, so you can integrate multiple data sources and align top-down strategies with bottom-up execution.

Be agile

Be agile

Easily perform data analysis, use what-if scenarios, and adjust plans and forecasts in real time to anticipate or adapt to change

Key features

  • Customizable workspace
  • Data integration with SAP, Oracle and other sources
  • In-memory analytics
  • Predictive insights uncovered automatically
  • Flexible, scalable deployment
  • Multidimensional scenario modeling


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