The platform designed for mission-critical workloads on hybrid cloud

Cloud promises agile, open innovation. So why have only 20% of workloads moved there? Because to move mission critical apps and data to cloud, you need encryption everywhere, Instant Recovery, and cloud native development that extends across your cloud environment.

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IBM z15™

The newest IBM Z multi-frame system extends next-level resiliency and data privacy to hybrid cloud infrastructures.

IBM z14™

IBM z14™

The z14 dual- and single-frame systems introduced pervasive encryption along with openness, agility and scalability.

What’s the business value of IBM Z?

According to a new IDC analyst report, enterprise customers are expected to gain over USD 190M in revenue impact, USD 3M in operations cost savings, 44% reduction in unplanned outages and 2x more agility in new feature development.

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