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Use data to make all the difference with digital operations
Data-driven insights harvested from predictive analytics and the Internet of Things power entirely new supply chain and operational models.

Cognitive Procurement: Seizing the AI opportunity

An opportunity for Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs): As business models evolve and technology advances, CPOs can elevate their value across enterprises and extended supplier networks with Cognitive Procurement capabilities that can sense and act.

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Chemicals organizations need an end-to-end view of suppliers, manufacturing and customers. This requires clear strategy, new capabilities and a data foundation.
Our 2018 annual report shows that an increasingly data-driven economy is transforming global value chains and driving participation of different geographies.
Next-generation supply chain leaders and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems they manage will drive their organizations to maximize data usefulness.
Intelligent machines are transforming the way humans interact with and benefit from technology, and the way businesses operate.
This 2017 annual report outlines trends in corporate location selection and how global dynamics influence where companies expand and create jobs around the world.
Cognitive computing is playing an essential role in innovative supply chain transformations.
High-growth, high-profit companies use more of both company-wide, integrated strategies and cognitive technologies, making the case for digital operations.
The case for digital operations: high-profit companies use more of both company-wide, integrated strategies and cognitive technologies.

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