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T&T industries are tightly coupled with all aspects of critical infrastructure, global peace and prosperity, there is no doubt we will recover.

While challenging external forces are not new to O&G companies, they are finding themselves having to adapt with greater speed and agility to address the current landscape and prepare for a new market reality.

We have reached the end of the immediate response to COVID-19 and are now swiftly moving into the recover and rebuild phase.

The impact of COVID-19 on the Manufacturing and Resources industry varies from moderate to severe, depending on the downstream customer demand, workforce availability, supply-side shocks and regulatory environment.

Businesses need to think about the model of care, re-examine how we do healthcare delivery, look for new ways of managing patients, enable care co-ordination and population health, and how technology can be an enabler.

Utilities are working tirelessly to fulfill the world’s expectations: to provide safe, affordable and reliable power, gas, and water to their customers, despite COVID-19-related challenges.

The insurance industry, if we can take advantage of these new risk offerings, can help prepare the world for risks that are like COVID-19, as well as risks that aren't—an essential function for our future.

The use of supercomputing in the quest to solve health challenges is being proven during the search for COVID-19 solutions.