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Meet Summit, the most powerful computer on the planet

Built to tackle the world’s most complex problems — on POWER9 technology you can use right now

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Techcombank brings financial power to a new generation

Today, 65% of Vietnamese adults don’t bank. But in a soaring economy, that’s changing fast.

Australian startup Oovvuu uses AI to add video to news stories

Companies like BBC and Bloomberg get help finding the right video from millions of options

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Let’s put smart to work

Technologies like AI, cloud and blockchain have to be more than smart

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Passion Projects

Passion Projects

Smart doesn’t stop at the office door

Jonathan Rezek channeled a Parkinson’s diagnosis into a groundbreaking drug study with Watson. Lorraine Trapani works to get more guide dogs into service. Connor Krukosky rebuilt an old IBM mainframe in his basement.

Whether they’re developing apps for cognitive drones or inventing a board game that teaches advanced computing concepts, these compulsively creative IBMers invest their skills and spare time to change the world.