The CFO mission to uncover the unknown

Applying analytics and cognitive computing for efficiency and insight

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Executive overview

Authors: William Fuessler

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, Global Domain Leader for Finance, Risk and Fraud,
Carl Nordman

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, Director, Global C-suite Study Program, and CFO Research Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value,
Spencer Lin

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, Global Chemicals and Petroleum and Industrial Products Lead and Global CFO Lead

Why CFOs should care about advanced analytics and cognitive computing Finance analytics is taking off, with over two-thirds of organizations expecting to have substantially implemented analytics across most Finance activities in two years. Thirty-one percent of participating Finance organizations were determined to be “most effective,” having higher analytics maturity. Now, with a powerful analytic foundation, these leaders are starting to find out what they don’t know. It is no longer enough to understand what has happened and apply that to what might happen in the future – market disruption clearly demonstrates the need to identify unknown opportunities and risks. In this report, the experiences of leading Finance teams provide insights into capitalizing on the next wave of analytics: cognitive computing.

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