Retail and consumer products

Offer superior experiences, and harness data to conquer challenges and improve agility.
Transformation includes innovative solutions to make customer experiences unique while improving processes and optimizing the supply chain.

AI-driven synergy for consumer products and retail supply chains

A superabundance of actions to monitor and manage makes the supply chain precarious and difficult to support. Better connection is needed from suppliers and parts, to inventory and orders received, to distribution and warehousing. **A supply chain that operates more “as a whole” than a group of functions is possible with intelligent automation** An end-to-end autonomous supply chain offers visibility into the whole of operations, and enabling enhanced decision-making and reduced effort and costs. **While some refer to “the death of supply chain management,” it’s actually a rebirth** The AI-enabled supply chain can be reborn as a highly optimized, self-regulating utility that automates the sum of all work flows, with a goal of less human intervention and fewer errors.

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Brands and retailers are already adopting AI-powered intelligent automation at a breathtaking pace – and that process is about to accelerate.
Consumers are changing how they shop and engage, leading the retail industry to its biggest transformation in 50 years.
Almost three-fourths of Retail CxOs expect to emphasize customer experiences more than products over the next few years.
Gen Z shoppers expect seamless, technology-driven retail experiences based on their preferences.
Blockchains help to build better supply chains and customer relationships.
To compete, retailers will redefine value chains within ecosystems, and use both new technologies and data harvested from the IoT.
By embracing Digital Reinvention™, consumer products businesses stand to reimagine operations, as well as consumer and supplier engagement.
To attract Gen Zers and build loyalty, brands must provide opportunities for engagement and co-creation.

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