Banking and financial markets

The way banking is conducted – and at times who conducts it – is changing
Financial organizations are radically transforming by building and participating in digital industry ecosystems, networks and platforms.

Getting your financial institution ready for the quantum computing revolution

Today’s financial services environment embodies the philosophy of survival of the fittest. Institutions battle for tiny competitive advantages using the best technologies available. At the same time, some are already exploring next-generation “quantum computing” to dramatically reduce the time required for immensely complicated calculations and significantly improve accuracy.

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Programmable money is real money represented in digital form, also known as tokens. Monetary digital assets and the interconnected networks where they live are becoming the heart of the new global financial infrastructure.
Digital banking frameworks provide a clear methodology for holistic Digital Reinvention® planning for banks.
Cognitive computing, combined with advances in robotics, will enable restructuring of banking’s labor force to move to higher-value, customer-focused interactions.
Examining risk and compliance across the enterprise may improve the allocation of strategic investments beyond business-as-usual budgeting.
Although blockchain has captured the imagination of many people, they disagree about what blockchain actually is.
While blockchain adoption is still in a formative stage, it offers tremendous potential to revolutionize the global financial system.
We are now living through the “end of code,” moving from a coding world to a learning world.
Leading banks are using sophisticated digital technologies to create secure platforms and ecosystems to find new ways to grow.

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