The Global C-suite Study Series

What is top of mind for global business leaders?
What is top of mind for global business leaders?

Every year, the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) interviews C-suite leaders from around the world to discover what outperformers do differently. Since 2003, the IBV has collected data and insights from more than 50,000 executives and academics worldwide.

Locations of surveyed C-suite executives for our Global C-suite Studies

Our C-suite Studies examine how executives’ perspectives have shifted over time—and what they expect to see in the future. Read our role-specific reports to learn what business leaders think about technology trends, business priorities, and how organizations can thrive today.

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Practical pathways to transformational sustainability

There has never been a more vital moment for CEOs to embrace sustainability as a core aspect of business strategy. It’s clear that environmentally minded organizations are set up for long-term success—and the time to act is now. View the study

Own Your Transformation: Data-led innovation for the modern supply chain

Navigating and managing supply chain challenges has, out of necessity, become a top business priority for not just CSCOs but the entire C-suite. View the study

The CIO Revolution

Even in the midst of uncertainty, CIOs are collaborating with colleagues to meet fast-changing demands and driving value throughout their enterprises and beyond. View the study

The CTO Revelation

The ascent of the CTO is radically influencing a stronger sense of responsibility around technology decisions, the speed of innovation, and discovery of new solutions. View the study

Strategic Intelligence

Faced with a paradox of responsibilities—protecting stability while fueling transformation—CFOs are innovating ways to optimize their own potential and that of their teams. View the study

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