Performance data and benchmarking

Our patented custom survey method and toolset enable us to provide meaningful and accurate comparisons of performance tailored to each client's priorities.

How does your performance measure up?
IBM is an international leader in business process optimization. The IBM Institute for Business Value provides a process benchmarking service that helps clients measure their current state and compare their performance against peers.
These benchmarking services can be provided as part of a process transformation initiative or similar engagement. This is a mature offering supported by robust content and specialized tools. Our patented custom survey method and toolset enable us to provide meaningful and accurate comparisons of performance tailored to each client’s priorities.

“I was absolutely delighted and impressed by the job IBM did, and what IBM can offer in the field of benchmarking.”
- Executive Board Member, major insurance company
Benchmark insights

This Benchmark Insights report provides recommendations on how transportation companies can mitigate IIoT cybersecurity risks.


While IoT technologies can improve travel operations, they also can expose critical vulnerabilities in older systems.


Electronics companies can use M&A to expand market presence, with analytics- and AI-driven M&A strategies critical to scaling and scoping.


Fundamental IIoT cyber hygiene, augmented with automation and AI, is critical to continuity of operations and service delivery for utilities.


Automotive companies need improved cybersecurity capabilities to support and protect their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.


Electronics companies need contextual, cognitive and adaptive security to identify and mitigate Industrial IoT-related risk


Insights derived from data collected from connected devices are being used across industries to enhance productivity. But there are also risks.


The services provided by communications service providers (CSPs) are at the heart of our digital world.


In this unprecedented era of ever-advancing technologies and ever more empowered consumers, the wider world of customer service is having an inevitable influence on healthcare.

Our open standards benchmarking database
IBM participates in an internationally recognized open standards benchmarking partnership with APQC, a not-for-profit research organization.
Data from more than 22,000 business entities in more than 70 countries
More than 1,000 performance metrics, supported by business practices
Coverage for all geographies and all industries
Numerous peer group types for comparisons
Featured findings

AI-Powered Manufacturing

The ability of AI users to respond rapidly to changing business conditions allows better scalability.

Finance and Accounting

Top performers are twice as likely to use AI-based cognitive automation.

Information Technology

IT innovators achieve better business outcomes.

Automotive warranty

Auto companies primarily use warranty data to improve product quality; doing it effectively is their greatest challenge.

US healthcare payer

70% of US healthcare payers surveyed use data analytics in claims processing.

Next generation retail

41% of retail organizations surveyed include external data to a significant or greater extent in their analytics to improve forecasting.

Powering warranty reinvention

How electronics companies leverage new technologies to improve warranty management.

Product and service development

Using big data analytics platforms to gather insights improves time to profitability.


Organizations that fully implemented cognitive capabilities for learning have higher learning budget per employee.

HR organization

HR leaders are 59% more likely to modify staffing levels ahead of market demand.