Automotive 2030: Racing toward a digital future

The automotive industry has operated for 100 years on one business model—design, produce, sell, and service vehicles. But radical change is coming.

Global Industry Agendas

We are experiencing an unprecedented convergence of business, industry and geopolitical forces. These forces combined with exponential technologies are creating sweeping change across industries, and present dramatic opportunities for unprecedented abundance.

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IBV Benchmarking

Performance data and benchmarking

How does your performance measure up? Evaluate business process performance using open standards for benchmarking. Compare yourself to your peers.

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New entrants into virtual banking may change what we traditionally think of as a bank.
By using AI to move prices closer to the market, insurers can gain faster insights into the variables, such as price elasticity.
Though the travel market remains fragmented, cloud computing is ushering in Travel Distribution 3.0. This report recommends the way providers can get there.