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Is data management the secret to generative AI?

Every conversation starts with generative AI, but ends with data. Why? Because there is no AI without data. Generative AI is changing the way we think about data. To understand how enterprises use generative AI to contribute to a competitive advantage, we must think about the relationship between gen AI and data.

In this episode of AI Academy, explore why high-quality data is essential for the successful use of generative AI, then use our guidebook to put what you’ve learned into practice.

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Watch (11:41)
What you’ll learn
  • How enterprise data can drive productivity gains
  • How solutions like data lakehouses can overcome data silo problems
  • How gen AI can be customized with data for enterprise applications and workflow integration
The productivity gains of gen AI are massive. How rapidly enterprises implement it using their own data can make the difference between the winners and losers in almost every industry. Edward Calvesbert Vice President of Product Management IBM watsonx™ platform
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