Detect and respond to network threats with IBM® QRadar® NDR

QRadar NDR provides comprehensive visibility of network data and actionable insights to help security teams respond quickly. The solution includes QRadar Flows, QRadar Network Insights, and QRadar Network Threat Analytics.

Start eliminating blind spots with the analytics and visualizations of QRadar Network Threat Analytics — now available in the IBM Security App Exchange.


Options tailored to fit your needs

QRadar NDR provides a wide range of pricing options for customers.

  • Usage-based pricing: This simple, scalable option allows you to start small with initial users and capabilities and easily scale as you add more users, capabilities and data.
  • Enterprise-wide pricing: This option is based on either the size of your enterprise-wide IT infrastructure or the size and type of data sources being secured.
  • Appliance-based pricing: This option lets you start with a single appliance and then easily add appliances to expand deployment.