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Simplify life for developers building hybrid cloud applications with a cloud native development experience for z/OS®. Use the same development environment across the enterprise. Get a personal, containerized development and test environment optimized to run on the Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform.

No special skills are required. You can choose your starting point:

  • Bring your own integrated development environment (IDE) with IBM® Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition.
  • Test early and often. Spin up a containerized testing environment with IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T).
  • Build hybrid applications on Red Hat OpenShift with IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces (IBM Wazi Developer).
  • Discover and understand relationships between z/OS application components with Wazi Analyze, a containerized rapid analysis tool that is included in Wazi Developer and IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (IBM ADDI).

3-day free trial: Bring your own (BYO) IDE for cloud native development

Big Picture: Developer experience for hybrid cloud with IBM Z

pictogram for step one - develop applications with your IDE

1. Develop your applications with your choice of IDE.

pictogram for step one - analyze application complexity

2. Analyze application complexity and accelerate transformation.

pictogram for step two - develop and test applications in a sandbox

3. Develop and test your applications in your personalized sandbox.

pictogram for step three - dcreate a CI/CD pipeline

4. Create a CI/CD pipeline for your applications.

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Technical resources for Developer experience for hybrid cloud with IBM Z

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June 25. 2021

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April 16. 2021

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February 26. 2021

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