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On 31 October 2022, IBM released IBM® Maximo® Asset Management interim fix 001. This interim fix is the first for Maximo


Tivoli's process automation engine interim fix 001 is available at Fix Central.

APAR Application Name Description
DT134007 Job Plans Material items from Job Plan are not carried over when "Process nested Job Plans in the background" is selected and the Job Plan includes a nested Job.
DT145442 Report Attempt to create an Ad Hoc report with a summary and a format fails with the error: BMXAA8093E - The report could not be created and the cause of the error cannot be determined. Try to create the report again, or contact your system administrator. The name "reportfooter_0_acttoolcost_SUM0_label" duplicates an existing name. Please choose a different name.
DT145556 Job Plans If there is any Material on the top Job plan or in nested Job Plans, generated Work Orders do not populate WORKORDER.WOSEQUENCE from JOBTASK.TASKSEQUENCE.
IJ24301 Database configuration Server-side Token License features are hardcoded.
IJ27746 Service Request Some labels in Work Center Service Requests are not translated.
IJ33182 Invoices System Message has wrong currency code.
IJ34671 Budget Monitoring In the Budget Monitoring application, when you apply predefined rules by using the auto-configuration option, any rules that you added are deleted.
IJ34934 Safety Hazard or Precaution attachments do not display in Job Plan attachments when the Hazardous Item is added to the Job Plan materials.
IJ35056 Work Order Tracking Tasks on a duplicated Work Order are not visible until after the Work Order is saved.
IJ35784 Cron Task Setup When Application is restarted every month, cron tasks scheduled to run every two or more months do not run.
IJ35882 Purchase requisitions If Item Master does not have Inspection Required selected, the Inspection Required flag is not selected when a PR or PO is generated by reorderid.
IJ35928 Job Plans When a Revision Control enabled job plan is made active, the predecessor field is still editable.
IJ36056 Purchase Contracts The Create Release field is editable when you duplicate a Blanket Type contract.
IJ36881 Meters LOCATIONMETER.LASTREADINGDATE entered manually on creation of the LOCATIONMETER not used on ASSETMETER flagged to inherit from LOCATION for ASSET in the LOCATION.
IJ36946 Purchase orders In Purchase Orders, changing a PO line from a condition code enabled item to a noncondition code enabled item, the Condition code field is not cleared.
IJ37074 System UI In the Activities and Tasks application, some fields do not have a margin.
IJ37092 BIM The Product Compatibility dialog reports that BIM Version level or release level does not match, which is not correct. Therefore, the BIM cannot be deployed.
IJ37800 Object Structures Object Order for the objects SITE and RELATEDRECORD are set to the same (6) in the MXAPISR Object Structure.
IJ38012 Email Listeners The Email Listener can stop processing emails after a calendar invitation is received.
IJ37813 Cron Task Setup Error messages are written to reorder logs in multiple instances of the ReorderCronTask for Direct Issue reorders.
IJ38123 Ad Hoc Reporting There is a security vulnerability in Ad Hoc reports.
IJ38209 Inspection On tablet devices, long text in Additional Comments cannot be seen hovering over it.
IJ38243 Manage Inventory In Work Centers Manage Inventory, the arrows in the Change column do not reflect the change in value correctly.
IJ38306 Conduct an Inspection In the Work Center Conduct an Inspection Form, there is a delay clicking Next.
IJ39143 E-mail Listeners Email listener-attached documents printthru defaults to 1 instead of the value in the System Property mxe.doclink.defaultPrintDocWithReport.
IJ43940 Create Requisition In Create Requisition, if a user's USERID is different from PERSONID, the user cannot create a Requisition.
IJ40906 Integration Data Sheet import for calibration fails.
IJ41130 System properties Cannot save imglib to S3 Storage.
IJ41846 System UI Security Scans For more information about a security vulnerability, see CVE-2022-2478.
IJ40624 Graphical Scheduling Accessing a record, then refreshing it from the List tab, and then accessing the Graphical View tab writes a BMXAA4214E error to the log.
IJ42077 System Object Technician application's query for MXAPIINVBAL Object Structure is incorrect.
IJ42309 Report Need to remove log4j-1.2.17.jar.
IJ42382 System properties Version.bat throws NoClassDefFoundError exception.
IJ42502 Work Center Inspection Form Designer does not display full list of Document Folders.
IJ40566 Work Order Tracking Users get stuck in a loop changing the status of a Work Order with Work Type of PM or CAL when e-signature is enabled.
IJ40483 Database configuration Running DBC scripts updates MAXATTRIBUTE.COLUMNNAME to match MAXATTRIBUTE.ATTRIBUTENAME. As a result, the application does not refresh.
IJ40462 Email Listeners Change status action class is not doing an extract match on the ticketid resulting in Email Listener's LSNRBP process updating the wrong ticket.
IJ40437 Work Order Tracking When a new attribute is added as a date type, and then added to a Classification and the Classification added to a record, you cannot modify the attribute with the Move/Modify/Swap Action in Work Order Tracking.
IJ40423 Automation Scripts When 'mxe.init.reloadperscript' is enabled and an existing auto script is updated with the Maximo Integration Framework, the entire scripting cache is reloaded.
IJ40381 Database configuration MboSets used for validate() are not cleaned up.
IJ40338 Job Plans Users encounter BMXAA4196E attempting to set a Job Plan on a Work Order that has user-defined fields and a crossover domain.
IJ40334 Users If the User's record User and Person fields have mismatched values, Maximo does not display the name of the user when they update a comment in the service request application in work center.
IJ40265 Budget Monitoring The Budget Lines area in Budget Monitoring application calculates totals incorrectly when the length of the amount fields is increased from (10,2) to (16,2) and the budget amount is more than 10 digits.
IJ40245 Invoices INVOICETRANS record is not created approving Material Invoices.
IJ40127 Integration In the Service Request application, using the look up to insert into the Reported By field results in the error BMXAA4214E - "An unknown error has occurred".
IJ40119 Purchase requisitions An item included in a purchase order in PNDREV status is reordered again.
IJ39894 Crews In the Crews application, the Select Value dialog for LABOR is opening instead of the Select Value dialog for CRAFT.
IJ39856 Assets When a User cancels or clears a value from the Change Item Number dialog, the ClassStructureID does not get cleared, which causes an exception in the Systemout.log file.
IJ39765 System UI Creating a Service Request or Desktop Requisition record, the "Skip to Page Content" link does not function as expected.
IJ39750 Application Designer Map toolbar is no longer visible after the 'Refresh map interval in seconds' field is populated.
IJ39629 Work Center Configuration In Work Center Configuration, deleting a time card for an In Progress Work Order without marking it Complete causes the record status to remain In Progress.
IJ39625 Database configuration Indexes on Date fields in Oracle databases are not supported by default.
IJ39617 Manage Inspections Forms Adding autoseed to inspection tables results in error BMXAA8744E - "The OSLC query was not parsed".
IJ39601 Inventory usage Multiple transactions for a single asset on the same day can result in error BMXAA8229W - "Asset has been updated by another user".
IJ39589 Automation Scripts Bad data, such as an "orphan" relationship, can prevent attributes from being displayed creating script variables.
IJ39519 Linked Documents / Attached Documents Adding multiple attachments at once to a communication log results in the error BMXAA4195E - "A value is required for the URL / file name field on the DOCLINKS object".
IJ39464 Bulletin Board In the Bulletin Board application, after changing status, the View History dialog Changed By field shows the previous user.
IJ39416 Assets Attempting to move an asset between sites results in error "BMXAA0066E - Asset XXXX in site BEDFORD did not move successfully. null".
IJ39031 Map manager The Map Initial View in Map Manager ignores the entered values for Latitude and Longitude.
IJ38817 Work Center Clicking New Service Request icon in Work Center Showing results in error message There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again. If the problem persist take a look on the console to more details.
IJ41412 Graphical Scheduling In Graphical Assignments, Labor hours duration is mismatched splitting work.
IJ41383 Manage Inspections Forms Changing the status of an inspection form from Draft to Active in Manage Inspection Forms Work Center results in the error "unexpectedBytes00".
IJ41207 Ad Hoc Reporting In Work Order Tracking application, creating Ad Hoc report with Report Object Structure "WO Details with Actual and Plans" fails on COMMLOG.
IJ41126 Assets Map Tools not working as expected in Full Screen.
IJ41082 Work Order Tracking Users received error BMXAA7024E attempting to save a valid query in the Work Order Tracking application.
IJ41046 Graphical Crew Management Trying to save a record in Graphical Crew Management results in errors BMXAT0050E and BMXAT0141E.
IJ41045 Work Order Tracking In Work Order Tracking, rescheduling or removing assignments causes Labor to be silently removed from the Assignments tab.
IJ40900 Manage Inventory If the User enters 0 with the keyboard in the New Count field in Manage Inventory Counts as the initial update, the Save button does not become active.
IJ40847 System UI Downloading records from table window control in applications causes the following error to appear in the log: "Sheet names must not begin or end with (')".
IJ40846 Work Order Tracking Unable to set a default value on the dialogs based on the MultiselectDataBean.
IJ40822 Graphical Resource View The Modify Availability box in Graphical Resource View shows a different hour calculation than the calendar. Setting a date to nonwork hours results in error BMXAT1095E.
IJ40816 Job Plans Recalculation is triggered and the BMXZZ71101I informational message displayed changing the description of a Work Order containing a Dynamic Job Plan.
IJ40814 Report In some environments, direct print in Chrome pops up a printer selection dialog with a blank page before a second dialog with the report.
IJ40802 Graphical Scheduling Planned Hours are calculated incorrectly in Graphical Assignment Schedule Compliance.
IJ40767 Work Center Configuration Failure Cause and Remedy can be populated with values from the wrong Work Order.
IJ40753 System UI Communication does not list the names of the attached files.
IJ40713 All Applications Downloading list from the application list view screen is slow.
IJ40704 Work Order Tracking Parent information not set for MULTIASSETLOCCI record on InspectionResult.
IJ40696 Database configuration Database connection leak on WFRevisionSet when a workflow is being initiated and there are multiple revisions.
IJ40686 Work Order Tracking In Work Order Tracking, Reschedule / Unassign Assignments does not work as expected rescheduling an assignment subsequent to removing the skill level in the Assignment application.
IJ42208 Graphical Scheduling - Large Project Filtering on a column in Graphical View for Graphical Scheduling - Large Projects results in an error in the UI. The logs include the error: "Failed to invoke Method: async_load_gantt_pages with signature [[null] with args".
IJ41707 Scheduler Data Manager Clicking the "Refresh" button on Scheduler Data Manager results in error BMXAT0143E - "The resources for object 0 did not load".
IJ41596 Job Plans Error "BMXAA0019I - The Job Plan field is either read only or part of the primary key" encountered clicking New Offering because of global READONLY restrictions on attributes.
IJ41534 Graphical Work Week In Graphical Work Week, having many Work Orders causes slow response or a "The data cannot be displayed" message to appear.
IJ35790 Quick Reporting Changes to the start date or end date in the Manage Downtime History dialog do not save in the Work Order Tracking and Quick Reporting applications.
IJ35130 Job Plans PM WOGEN not copying labor to child Work Orders that use a Nested Job Plan.
IJ37553 Graphical Assignment From the Work View tab of Graphical Assignment, there is no option to hyperlink to an Industry Solution Work Order application from a task, as there is from the Work Order.
IJ37563 Inventory usage Performing a reconciliation on a Staged item results in an incorrect total balance.

All Maximo Integration Framework interim fixes are incorporated into Maximo Asset Management interim fixes.

IBM Control Desk and use Tivoli's process automation engine This interim fix cannot be applied to IBM Control Desk and

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