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Integrated web services for i enables Integrated Language Environment (ILE) applications to play in the web services and service-oriented architecture (SOA) arena with little effort, knowledge, and resources. The convergence of web service and IBM i technologies can help enterprises liberate these core business assets by making it easier to enrich, modernize, extend and reuse them well beyond their original scope of design. For more information about the integrated web services support on IBM i, visit the product web site.

The integrated web services for i support is frequently enhanced via PTFs. This web page is used to provide a centralized location for communicating integrated web services for i enhancements. The enhancements come in different forms. Some enhancements are made available via PTF into all or a subset of in-service releases. In other cases, we take enhancements provided in a base OS and PTF the support back to a previous release. In all cases, we use customer value, cost, and risk to guide our decisions regarding off release enhancements.

If you would like to see an enhancement in integrated web services support, submit a Request For Enhancement (RFE).  Before submitting, determine whether an RFE has not already been created.

The technology update material has been organized to differentiate enhancements to the web services client for ILE (a focus value of CLIENT) and enhancements to the web services server (a focus value of SERVER). In addition, enhancements are denoted by the HTTP Server Group PTF level in which they were enabled, unless the enhancement is not in a group PTF, then the actual PTF number is shown. It is best to always load the latest levels of the HTTP Server Group PTF in order to pick up the latest enhancements and fixes.

In addition, check out the latest articles on integrated web services.

Integrated web services technology updates

Focus Enhancement 7.2 7.3 7.4
Server, Client LATEST PTFS (last updated: 02 JUL 2020)


Server Return payloads in response on error HTTP status codes SF99713 Level 35 SF99722 Level 22 SF99662 Level 4
Server Override error messages for unexpected exceptions SF99713 Level 35 SF99722 Level 22 SF99662 Level 4
Server Run servers in user defined subsystems N/A SF99722 Level 21 SF99662 Level 3
Server SQL statements as web APIs SF99713 Level 33 SF99722 Level 20 SF99662 Level 2
Server Script to generate property file for a service SF99713 Level 32 SF99722 Level 19 SF99662 Level 1
Server Support xsd:time type SI67769
Server Migrate services from 1.3 & 1.5 to 2.6 without client changes SF99713 Level 27 SF99722 Level 14 N/A
Server Run web service under authenticated user ID SF99713 Level 27 SF99722 Level 14 N/A
Client Access SOAP Faults from RPG stubs SF99713 Level 26 SF99722 Level 13 N/A

Send user-defined payloads using new client APIs

SI61774, SI59020



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