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HTTP client transport supports binary payloads



Send and receive binary payloads by using the client transport API


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What is it?

The IWS client transport library, which is an HTTP client library, allowed users to send and receive payloads that are textual in nature. By default, any payload sent is converted from job CCSID to UTF-8, and any payload received is converted from UTF-8 to job CCSID. The IWS client transport library has properties to control whether conversion is to be performed, but the IWS client transport library still expected the data to be non-binary in nature.
New support has been added to allow the sending and receiving of payloads that are binary in nature, such as PDF files or images.
By default, unless a conversion property is set to false, the IWS client transport library will automatically convert payloads that are textual in nature. The IWS client transport library considers the following content types to be textual in nature:
  • text/<any-subtype>
  • application/json
  • application/xml
  • application/<any-subtype>+xml
  • application/<any-subtype>+json
  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Any other value for the content type is considered to be binary and the payload will not be converted. Note that if you explicitly indicate that conversion is to be performed by setting a conversion property, then conversion will be attempted.  Conversely, if you explicitly indicate that conversion is not to be performed, then conversion will not be attempted, even for payloads that are textual in nature.

Why use it?

Applications that have a need to send or receive binary payloads.


The support is enabled in the following PTFs:
V7R5M0 SI81847
V7R4M0 SI81848
V7R3M0 SI81849

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15 December 2022