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Rethink, reimagine and reinvent the retail store: Delighting the digitally savvy consumer with a revived in-store experience

Rethink, reimagine and reinvent the retail store: Delighting the digitally savvy consumer with a revived in-store experience

Updated 13 Nov 2018

Consumers are changing how they shop and engage, leading the retail industry to its biggest transformation in 50 years.

Weather matters to retail organizations

Weather matters to retail organizations

Updated 20 June 2018

How is weather impacting the retail industry? Find out how weather insights can bring back the sunshine.

What do Gen Z shoppers really want? Retail essentials and customized experiences top their list

What do Gen Z shoppers really want? Retail essentials and customized experiences top their list

Updated 30 Mar 2018

Gen Z shoppers expect seamless, technology-driven retail experiences based on their preferences.

Consumer Products: Incumbents Strike Back

Consumer Products: Incumbents Strike Back

Updated 10 March 2018

How are consumer products executives tackling change? Explore industry insights based on input from the 19th IBM Global C-suite Study.

Blockchain reinvents the consumer experience: Building better supply chains and customer relationships

Blockchain reinvents the consumer experience: Building better supply chains and customer relationships

Updated 11 Jan 2018

For the consumer industry, potential blockchain benefits cover both the supply side of businesses and customer-facing interactions.

Realizing the future today: Digital Reinvention in consumer products

Realizing the future today: Digital Reinvention in consumer products

Updated 17 Aug 2017

By embracing Digital Reinvention, consumer products businesses stand to reimagine operations, as well as consumer and supplier engagement.

Gen Z brand relationships: Authenticity matters

Gen Z brand relationships: Authenticity matters

Updated 21 July 2017

To attract Gen Zers and build loyalty, brands must provide opportunities for engagement and co-creation.

IBM 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study

IBM 2017 Customer Experience Index (CEI) Study: Customer expectations outstrip brands’ capabilities to deliver the optimal shopping experience

Updated 28 Mar 2017

IBM Customer Experience Index: Learn how well brands are meeting consumer expectations today and how they can adapt to tomorrow’s demands.

Uniquely Generation Z: What brands should know about today’s youngest consumers

Updated 10 Jan 2017

Understanding Gen Z, the up-and-coming generation of shoppers that wields enormous economic influence, is vital to the future success of the consumer products and retail industries.

Inspiring deeper brand enthusiasm: Your cognitive future in the consumer products industry

Updated 03 Mar 2016

Read about how cognitive solutions are helping the consumer products industry.

Ready for prime time? New lessons on building the consumer products brand experience

Updated 04 Jan 2016

Learn how consumer products companies can tap into consumer wants to create a compelling brand experience.

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Cloud for consumer products

Improving efficiency, increasing revenue and fostering collaboration

December 2015

With cloud, consumer products organizations can better meet their key imperatives: to deliver a differentiated brand experience, collaborate with channel partners, optimize supply and distribution networks, reinvent processes and increase agility.

Facing the Forces of Change®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World – updated

Updated 15 Jul 2015

New ideas can help organizations meet the continuing challenges of change in the connected world.

Perfect replenishment: Extending the Perfect Order all the way to the consumer

Updated 25 Feb 2015

Core supply chain metrics must keep pace with recent advancements, and the new Replenishment Index measures can drive improvements in the next decade.

Brand enthusiasm: More than loyalty - How today’s consumers want to engage with your brand

Updated 10 Nov 2014

To effectively cater to consumers in today’s digital, omni-channel world, companies need to build brand enthusiasm, not just brand loyalty or repeat purchases.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data in consumer products - How innovative consumer products organizations extract value from uncertain data

Updated 29 Jul 2013

Big data has the potential to provide solutions to some of the consumer products industry’s toughest business challenges, as well as transform processes, organizations and many aspects of the industry itself.

Trusting the science that drives your business: A systematic approach to verify scientific claims

Updated 30 Apr 2013

The time has come for an independent, systematic and unbiased process for auditing scientific claims to help increase consumer confidence in scientific outcomes, reduce risks and generate more value.

Facing the Forces of Change®: Decisive Actions for an Uncertain Economy

This newest version aims to empower distributors with the knowledge, tools and insights to be informed, intelligent, and nimble enough to make well informed, rapid decisions, and then to adjust and iterate as necessary.

Winning over the empowered consumer

Updated 04 Jan 2012

In today’s tumultuous world, how well retailers and product brands build trust with both individuals and communities of consumers will determine whether they benefit from a base of loyal advocates or are left to fend with transient and fickle customers.

Capitalizing on the smarter consumer

Updated 07 Jan 2011

Customers today are more connected, vocal and demanding than ever before, and they want a personalized experience from retailers.

Capitalizing on Complexity: Insights from the Global CEO Study 2010 - Retail Industry Executive Summary

Updated 27 Jul 2010

Ever-rising complexity is unavoidable: the choice is in how retail organizations respond. Our interviews with more than 1,500 CEOs revealed that the most successful are creatively discovering ways to capitalize on complexity.

Meeting the demands of the smarter consumer

Updated 26 Jan 2010

Retailers that want to succeed in the future will have to keep pace with smarter consumers by providing new shopping channels, participating in social networks and using analytics to meet their demands.

Creating connections: Strategies for today's electrical and industrial distributors

Updated 10 Dec 2009

To build a foundation for value creation, electrical and industrial wholesalers and distributors need to define and execute an expanded value proposition, build data-driven operations and create an adaptable business model.

The future of the Consumer Products Industry: The end of the world, or a world of opportunity?

Updated 01 Jun 2009

In the midst of explosive population growth, increased urbanization, an evolving, demanding customer base and global climate and natural resource issues, the Consumer Products (CP) industry faces shifting market dynamics, channel challenges and renewed pressures for business model innovation.

Break out or get boxed in: Leading strategies for today's food and foodservice distributors

Updated 26 Jan 2009

Food distributors' traditional value proposition, which centered on storing and transporting goods, is no longer sufficient. In a consolidating and intensely competitive industry, these distributors will need to provide more value to remain competitive.

Full Value Traceability

Updated 11 Dec 2008

A strategic imperative for consumer product companies to empower and protect their brands.

2008 GMA information technology and effectiveness study

Updated 29 Aug 2008

To decrease the gap between what executives think IT should be doing for grocery manufacturers and consumer products companies, and what, in reality, is being accomplished, companies should invest more time during project planning to more closely align expectations of IT performance with objectives.

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