Healthcare 2015: Win-win or lose-lose?

A portrait and a path to successful transformation.

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Healthcare 2015 and care delivery

An increasing focus on value. The rising need to activate responsible citizens. And constantly changing requirements. These crucial factors will force many care delivery organizations (CDOs) to adopt and develop service delivery models with new and sharper strategic focus.

How can CDOs help transform the role of healthcare to a more value-based system? Providers need to develop the following five strategic competencies to improve access, quality and cost issues:

  1. Empower and activate citizens
  2. Collaborate and integrate
  3. Innovate
  4. Optimize operational efficiencies
  5. Enable through IT

Service delivery models, including community health networks, centers of excellence, medical concierges, and price leaders, need to establish an appropriate degree of emphasis on each of the above competencies in order to help develop a solution to today's healthcare crisis.

Ultimately, transformation will require commitment and follow through on coordinated, collaborative efforts among key stakeholders, particularly CDOs and clinicians for fundamental change.

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    Healthcare Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

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