IBM® Maximo® MRO Inventory Optimization Software and Support Services help to optimize your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) inventory to cut costs and reduce unplanned asset downtime. Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, this MRO solution helps you improve internal service levels by continuously maintaining the ideal mix of critical spares and materials to ensure they are available at the right time and at the right cost.


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IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization Solution

Balance cost of inventory and risk to operations to optimize MRO inventory levels, ensuring spares are available when needed to help reduce downtime.


IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization Services

Our Professional Services team performs rapid deployments within 3-6 months and thoroughly trains new users, allowing customers to quickly achieve value.

MRO for industries


Reduce inventory-related costs while enhancing reliability, compliance and customer service.

Oil and gas

MRO Inventory Optimization optimizes asset performance, safety and reliability.


MRO Inventory Optimization helps customers unearth significant savings and increase up time.



The right MRO spares inventory can reduce expenses while keeping products moving.



Companies operate profitably, efficiently and safely by keeping costs low and service levels high.


MRO Inventory Optimization reduces downtime and improves efficiencies by having the right spares on hand.

Success stories

Large global aluminum producer

Large global aluminum producer

  • Significantly reduced MRO inventory 
  • Avoided expensive repairs
Major Australian mining company

Major Australian mining company

  • Consistently reduced MRO inventory over six years
  • Sustained sizable year-over-year MRO inventory reduction
Large global oil and gas company

Large global oil and gas company

  • Substantially reduced MRO inventory costs within six months
  • Significantly lowered inventory levels three years running

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