Secure workloads

Streamline security across AWS and hybrid cloud environments

To meet today’s threat environment, your business must evolve and transform. IBM Security® brings you the consulting, systems integration, technology, and managed security services for AWS you need. Our modern security supports your migration to cloud, so you can make the dramatic changes to responsibilities, processes, and technologies.

Endorsed by AWS as a Level 1 MSSP Competency Partner, Premier Consulting Partner, Advanced Technology Competency Partner and ISV Accelerate Partner, IBM Security delivers market-leading consulting and systems integration, integrated threat management, incident response, cloud security and managed security services aligned to the NIST CSF to help you programmatically grow and transform your enterprise security operations.

IBM Security works with your organization as an extension of your team, offering advanced solutions and expert guidance to help protect your AWS cloud environment. We enable you to embrace AWS native controls while aligning them with your enterprise security programs to simplify and centralize visibility.

The IBM Security and AWS partnership helps your business:

  • Accelerate security confidence 

  • Enable speed and agility 

  • Reduce security complexities


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AWS partner network competency level 1 MSSP badge
Benefits of AWS Level 1 MSSP

Benefits of AWS Level 1 MSSP (01:23)

Finding the right combination

How to operationalize the right security tools, people, and process.

Ever-increasing threats loom ahead

Too many tools and alert backlogs inhibit security operations


Through 2025, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer's fault.¹


Global average total cost in millions USD of a data breach in 2021, up 10% from 2020.²

Top 3

Cloud misconfiguration was the a top 3 initial threat vector of breaches in 2021.²


Simplify your security program

IBM Security solutions for AWS

AWS Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning

IBM Security X-Force® Red can manage any scan tool, including AWS Inspector, to help you uncover rogue containers, misconfigurations, exposed credentials and other vulnerabilities exposing the AWS environment. With its proprietary automated ranking engine, the team can prioritize critical vulnerabilities so that your remediation teams know where to focus their efforts. 

AWS Resource Inventory Visibility

IBM Security Services provides agentless native integration of AWS resources and services and optimizes usage of real-time monitoring services such as AWS Config, CloudTrail and VPC Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Lambda and AWS inspector by business hierarchy for continuous visibility and monitoring.

AWS Security Best Practices Monitoring

IBM Security Services allows you to quickly assess your security posture against best practices, identify risks and gaps, actively enforce gold standards and provide recommendations for AWS accounts not configured with security best practices.

AWS Compliance Monitoring

IBM Security Services provide near real-time monitoring against the configuration of AWS accounts and services against multiple compliance standards including CIS AWS, HIPAA, ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS, as well as policy management and alignment to compliance audits.

Monitor, Triage Security Events

IBM Security Services provide a programmatic framework that leads to a prescriptive, integrated approach. We partner with you by providing trusted advisors with global experience to help you monitor and triage security events using a smarter platform, driven by AI, that can accelerate detection, investigation and response.

24/7 Incident Alerting and Response

IBM Security Services can enhance your incident alerting and response capabilities with a combination of IBM Security QRadar SIEM and IBM Security X-Force Threat Management Services with 24/7/365 visibility, detection, analysis and recommended response actions for your AWS environment. 

Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) Mitigation

IBM Security Services can help provide DDoS protection at scale with policy management, configuration and performance issue management, around-the-clock monitoring of potential malicious events and response to DDoS flooding as priority.

Managed Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

IBM Security Services help pro-actively identify and protect your AWS environment from known and unknown network traffic, and security policy violations, as well as manage and monitor the availability and uptime of intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS).

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for AWS Endpoints

IBM Security MDR Services’ team of incident response professionals and threat hunters are experienced in investigating compromises of AWS environments. They use AWS-native tools, automation, an AI-driven approach, and industry-leading skills to respond to AWS compromises while accelerating threat monitoring, detection, investigation and response. 

Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF)

IBM Security Services provide WAF services to help you properly configure, tune, monitor and respond to live web application attacks. We helps safeguard your website from the latest threats using AWS WAF and other ISV partners to investigate security events and work with your network teams to deploy rules and policies as required. 

Case studies


person working in research lab

Healthcare solutions provider gets managed security services results


  • 92% reduction in false positives through cognitive machine learning
  • Saved 98 hours of SOC analyst effort monthly by eliminating false positives
  • Total of 66% monthly workload reduction via SOAR orchestration and automation


Woman at her desk online digital banking

Cloud transformation, security advances aid European digital bank


The engagement helped our customer further expand their financial core business while minimizing the growth of their cyber security department. They did this while maintaining security in the cloud and meeting their budget for the cloud transformation project — a successful collaboration that helped build trust between IBM Security and our customer.


ship at port with cargo being loaded

AWS Security aligned to enterprise security in its hybrid cloud setting helps global distributor


IBM Managed Security Services with QRadar aligns with AWS native services to centralize enterprise monitoring across all environments into single architecture. With the IBM MSS solution, the customer is able to monitor over 500 AWS customer systems without expanding security staff.


large high-power satellite dish

Security operations, automation help telecommunications provider


IBM Security Services provided a managed security services solution for AWS workloads while helping meet all levels of compliance. Customer’s security process successfully met compliance requirements and standards while achieving audit success. The IBM security solution enabled the customer to provide a fully managed public cloud environment which they can sell to their customers, which helped drive new revenue while minimizing management and cybersecurity overhead requirements.


masked people walking through airport with luggage

Travel company boosted and scaled security ops on AWS


IBM Security QRadar and IBM Security SOAR were quickly installed in the AWS environment to centralize monitoring and response across all environments into a single architecture. The global travel company can now monitor 10 data-source types across AWS and on-premises environments with the new security operations capabilities. These improvements accelerated the customer’s triage, investigation and response performance across their environments.

Support for AWS and hybrid cloud

Put the expertise and experience of IBM® to work protecting your AWS environment.

A leader in MSSP

IBM Security is recognized by top-tier analyst firms as a leader in the MSSP space. We bring deep managed security experience, comprehensive threat management services and proven support for cloud workloads.


IBM Security delivers managed security services that deliver centralized visibility, management and monitoring of security operations across AWS and hybrid cloud environments.

IBM Security consulting

Get the advantage of extensive security expertise from IBM available as consulting services to optimize security strategy and accelerate adoption of new tools and processes.


Learn more about IBM Security offerings that embrace AWS native security controls

Extend AWS visibility to better detect and respond to threats

IBM Security QRadar® SIEM empowers security analysts and operations teams with the visibility, automation and insights needed to quickly detect anomalies and uncover advanced threats in near- real time.

Enhance data protection

IBM Security Guardium helps you safeguard critical, sensitive or regulated data wherever it resides.

Seamless and secure identity and access management

IBM Security Verify can help protect users, APIs and things across enterprise, consumer and partner use cases.

IBM Security Trusteer

IBM Security Trusteer helps you recognize customers and protect against malicious users, across all channels.

IBM Managed Security Services on AWS Marketplace

IBM Security delivers security consulting and systems integration services, offensive security, incident response, and more to help you transform and deliver enterprise security operations.