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Cut emissions, waste and downtime across your enterprise
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Be predictive, less reactive

Your assets and facilities are a good place to start turning sustainability strategy into action. By embedding AI into business processes and physical operations, you can use the data from your assets and real estate facilities to generate key insights. These insights can help you optimize waste management, reduce unplanned downtime and drive significant energy savings. Integration with an ESG system of record allows you to deliver financial-grade reporting on your operations’ environmental performance.

You can cut down waste and manage the environmental impact of your operations by extending the lifetime of your assets. AI-powered preventative maintenance acts as an early warning system, allowing you to identify and address faults early, reduce unplanned downtime and keep equipment running for longer.

Moving from cyclical to preventative maintenance means you only send out crews and vehicles when and where they are needed, reducing fuel consumption and optimizing workforce utilization.

Infusing preventative maintenance regimes with climate intelligence data, meanwhile, lets you predict when and where weather-based maintenance will be needed, reducing waste and managing environmental impact. Finally, a holistic asset management solution lets you plan and manage asset leases, purchases and disposal for minimum waste and environmental impact.

Achieve green IT goals

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Extend the life of your assets

IBM® Maximo® Application Suite is a single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics to optimize performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.

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Decarbonize your facilities

IBM® TRIRIGA® Application Suite is a market-leading integrated workplace management solution that allows you to identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy use and the overall carbon footprint of your real estate portfolio.

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Mitigate climate risk

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is AI-powered software that bridges the gap between climate science and business operations. Combining a geospatial analytics engine with a climate and environmental impact modeling framework, it allows you to predict, monitor and act on climate risks facing your organization.

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Expert insights

Watch Dr. Hendrik Hamann, Chief Scientist for Climate and Sustainability Research at IBM, explain how your organization can prepare for climate change in a smarter way with IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite.

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Extending asset lifespans at Sund & Bælt

750,000 tons of CO2 saved. 100 years projected lifespan extension. See how Sund & Bælt is finding value in intelligent infrastructure with IBM Maximo Application Suite.

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Drive energy savings New working patterns are having a profound impact on real estate utilization, leading organizations to take a new look at how their space can be managed more efficiently. It’s an ideal time to identify ways to reduce energy use and manage the overall carbon footprint of the portfolio. AI-driven facilities management solutions can sense and take action to reduce energy consumption, such as switching off lighting and heating in unused areas, or identifying when faulty equipment is consuming more energy than it should. Energy savings data can feed into corporate ESG reporting. IBM avoided 3,400 megawatt hours in 2021

alone by identifying energy conservation opportunities across the business.

20 billion-dollar weather and climate disasters

occurred in 2021 in the US alone.¹

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20 ways smarter asset management paves the way to more sustainable operations.

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Expert insights

See how companies like Siemens Gamesa, Sund & Bælt and Shell Oil are approaching their sustainability transformation.

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Accurate weather data plays a very important role in predicting demand. Rachit Kumar Agarwal Managing Partner, Mercados EMI

Power to the people: Optimizing energy supply at Mercados EMI

Predicting energy consumption has a lot to do with the weather. See how Mercados EMI optimizes electricity supply and minimizes waste with IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite.

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Achieve green IT goals.

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1. 2021 U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in historical context (Link resides outside ibm.com), NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), 24 January 2022.