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Gain climate and weather insights to anticipate disruptive environmental conditions, proactively manage risk and build more sustainable operations
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IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is a SaaS platform to monitor, predict, and respond to weather and climate impact. It includes geospatial and weather data APIs, and optional add-ons with industry-specific environmental models for business resilience and optimization.

Reduce disruption with the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Increasingly, companies are facing climate-related asset damage, supply chain and operations disruptions, and expectations from consumers and investors to make responsible environmental decisions. With climate change continuing to impact businesses, it has become more and more important for leaders to assess how extreme weather events will impact their operations—to predict and plan for unforeseen disruptions.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite is an AI-powered SaaS solution that provides timely and fact-based actionable intelligence to proactively manage the economic impact of severe weather and climate-change events, built on the most accurate weather data in the world.

IBM and NASA Open Source Largest Geospatial AI Foundation Model on Hugging Face

The largest geospatial foundation model on Hugging Face and the first-ever open-source AI foundation model built in collaboration with NASA.

Why act now Companies need to adopt a data-driven approach to climate adaptation to prevent risk to their business operations. 62%

Since 2020, 62 percent of executives consider a sustainability strategy "essential" 1


Climate change will yield a USD 1.3 trillion loss to businesses in the next 5 years 2


The combined cost of 22 separate US climate events in 2020 was USD 95 billion 3

Benefits The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite Solutions allows you to combine accurate weather, geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data, so you can build custom climate adaptation solutions that fit the needs of your enterprise. World’s most accurate weather data

Use accurate geospatial and meteorological data (from The Weather Company®), as well as customers’ own business data and asset information, for improved, accurate forecasting.

Industry specific add-ons

Enhance your analytic output by leveraging industry-standard data sources used by professionals in the financial services, agriculture, and energy and utilities sectors.

Real-time weather insights and alerts

Communicate near-real-time weather forecasting and support the stakeholders who maintain, prepare for, and respond to disruptions.


Data services Comprehensive environmental data The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite combines geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data to give you accurate, actionable information about your entire environment. Explore environmental data services

Monitoring Easy-to-use monitoring A single, at-a-glance dashboard puts visualizations, alerts and geospatial insights in one place, so you can monitor a critical job site with ease. Explore monitoring services

Custom solutions Build your own custom adaptation solutions Built-in tools for developing customized models and monitoring applications allow you to get the environmental data you require and integrate them into the workflows that are most useful to your business needs. Explore custom adaptation solutions

APIs Utilize weather, geospatial and carbon APIs More than 150 endpoints for weather, geospatial and carbon data make it easy to add value and functionality to your applications, with alerts, notifications, forecast data, weather imagery and more. Explore APIs and developer solutions

Use Cases

Vegetation management Condition based vegetation management Make informed decisions about how and when to maintain resources that are threatened by vegetative growth. The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite combines satellite data and Geiger-mode LiDAR predictive analytics with weather data to deliver AI-driven insights about high risk encroachment zones. Explore vegetation management

Weather safety Environmental intelligence is business intelligence Improve employee and customer safety by planning around high risk weather conditions, using clear, reliable insights. Combining artificial intelligence with weather, climate and operational data into a single solution that empowers you to prepare for emergencies, take initiative, and help keep your business safe. Explore weather safety

Risk management Turn proactive risk mitigation into competitive advantage by putting weather insights to work The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite combines weather, geospatial and industry-specific environmental information into an all-in-one platform that allows businesses to harness predictive analytics and maximize revenue generation. Explore risk management

Sustainability strategy Take advantage of high value insights Protect your business and the planet from the impacts of climate change. With analytics, alerts and dashboard visualizations, you can make better decisions and regulatory initiatives to inform a more sustainable future. Explore sustainability strategy

Explore the demos

Product demo IBM vegetation management leverages artificial intelligence, satellite imaging and LiDAR data, including geiger-mode data and Linear LiDAR to assess and monitor vegetation and improve work prioritization.

Product demo Influences of climate change and rapidly growing capacity have made forecasting for renewable generation challenging in many places across the globe. See how IBM's renewables forecasting platform generates high-accuracy energy production forecast for wind and solar farms by using advanced analytics, loT sensors and best-in-class weather data.

Product demo Meet your company’s sustainability goals and avoid costly outages by accurately assessing the impact of severe weather and climate change. See exactly what service areas are most at risk with lead times up to 72 hours in advance.

Product demo With its monitoring capabilities, the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite delivers real time alerting, helps your teams accurately monitor key points of interest and keeps them safe when deployed.

Introducing IBM’s new geospatial foundation model

Earth’s climate is changing. IBM’s new geospatial foundation model could help track and adapt to a new landscape. Designed to enable first steps toward this goal by converting NASA’s satellite observations into customized maps of natural disasters and other environmental changes. Built from IBM’s collaboration with NASA, the model is designed to convert satellite data into high-resolution maps of floods, fires, and other landscape changes to reveal our planet’s past and hint at its future. The model, part of IBM’s geospatial offering, is planned to be available in preview to IBM clients through the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite during the second half of this year. 


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Industry Recognition

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite Renewables Forecasting named Sustainability Product of the Year

The Sustainability Awards honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. 

See more about the Sustainability Product of the Year

Case studies Mercados EMI

Mercados EMI uses IBM weather data to help India predict electricity demand and reduce power outages.


Shell and IBM determined that building digital platform, OREN, to enable decarbonization through operational excellence, safety and sustainability in mining was one of the best paths forward.

Texas A&M AgriLife  

IBM and Texas A&M AgriLife are working together to help farmers receive insights for water usage, which can increase crop yield and decrease economic and environmental costs. 

Training & Resources IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite

Read an overview of IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite features, benefits and solutions.

Verdantix names IBM a leader

Find out why research and advisory firm Verdantix named IBM a leader in enterprise carbon management.

The increasing need for environmental intelligence solutions

According to this IDC brief, sustainability continues to grow in importance as a major business priority.

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