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06: The solutions

Learn about the solutions IBM has to make observability a reality for you.

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IBM Instana Observability


Prevent issues from turning into incidents with IBM® Instana® Observability. You can improve application performance management and accelerate CI/CD pipelines no matter where applications reside.  Instana automatically ingests observability metrics, traces, and events in real-time and contextualizes all application, service, and infrastructure inter-dependencies, enabling you to take immediate action on any issue. It handles the stringent demands of cloud-native and microservices applications and provides greater visibility into your systems, creating true observability for your enterprise. Instana allows you to:

  • Get real-time visibility with one-second metric granularity and three-second time-to-notify
  • Debug applications 75% quicker
  • Reduce MTTR by 50%

Key benefits of IBM Instana Observability:

  • Automation – Automates discovery and configuration to give you full observability into dynamic environments. It traces every request, and records all metrics with no blind spots.
  • AI-driven context – Instana contextualizes data into meaningful information, providing an interactive model of relationships between all entities in real time.
  • AI-driven intelligent action – Analyze every user request – from any perspective – to quickly find and resolve every bottleneck.
  • Accessibility – Provide teams throughout your organization with an easy-to-use observability platform.


Learn more about IBM Instana Observability

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management


Designed for modern networks, IBM SevOne® Network Performance Management (NPM) helps you spot, address, and prevent network performance issues early with machine learning-powered analytics. Using real-time, actionable insights, it helps proactively monitor multivendor networks across enterprise, communication, and managed service providers. SevOne gives your IT team the power to act on what matters: improving network performance to provide exceptional user experience.

Key benefits of IBM SevOne:

  • Comprehensive data collection – Collect multivendor network performance metric and flow data from physical, virtual, and software-defined infrastructure.
  • Advanced analytics with ML – Automated baselining with machine learning and intelligent alerts for proactive incident management.
  • Enhanced visualization – LiveMaps elevates the most significant network issues so that IT professionals can quickly see incidents from a single source.
  • Scalability for any network – Monitor any enterprise, communication, or managed services provider network without dropping data when scaling up for growth.


Learn more about IBM SevOne Network Performance Management

IBM Data Observability by Databand


Databand empowers data platform teams to deliver reliable and trustworthy data, allowing you to catch bad data before it impacts your business. The solution collects metadata from all key solutions in the modern data stack, builds a historical baseline based on common data pipeline behavior, alerts on anomalies and rules based on deviations, and resolves through triage by creating smart communication workflows.

Key benefits of IBM Data Observability by Databand:

  • Detect earlier – Pinpoint unknown data incidents and reduce mean time to detection (MTTD) from days to minutes.
  • Resolve faster – Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) with incident alerts and routing from weeks to hours.
  • Deliver trusted data – Enhance reliability and data delivery SLAs by providing visibility into pipeline quality issues.

Learn more about IBM Data Observability by Databand.

IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management


IBM Turbonomic® provides continuous optimization your teams can safely automate to assure application performance while minimizing cloud and data center costs – both financial and environmental. Through a top-down, application-driven approach, IBM Turbonomic’s analytics engine discovers your IT estate and generates trustworthy resourcing actions in real-time that will ensure that applications only consume what they need. Unlike alternative optimizations solutions, IBM Turbonomic automation can be operationalized, ensuring cloud and ITOps teams achieve tangible outcomes immediately and continuously.

Key benefits of IBM Turbonomic⁶:

  • Optimization – Safely and automatically reduce cloud spend by at least 33.
  • Automatic resourcing - Get 30% of your time back when software makes resourcing decisions for you.
  • Improved infrastructure utilization – Cut annual refresh costs by 75%.
  • Cut annual refresh costs by 75% through improved infrastructure utilization.³
  • Application demand understanding - Cut infrastructure growth spend by 70%.
  • Incresed ROI – Achieve 471% ROI in under 6 months.

Learn more about IBM Turbonomic Application Resource Management

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Ch. 1: What is observability and why is it important? Ch. 2: What three things can you do to start your observability journey? Ch. 3: What is the value of observability to your organization? Ch. 4: How does observability work for various types of businesses? Ch. 5: How can you make the case for observability to your entire organization?