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Optimize IT operations with insight and action from application-centric network observability
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A modern network observability solution

Modern network infrastructures built for digital transformation require solutions that can be just as dynamic, flexible, and scalable as the new environments. IT leaders are holding themselves to a higher standard, connecting continuous performance and automation to business-centric SLAs.

Designed for modern networks, IBM® SevOne® provides application-centric, network observability to help NetOps spot, address, and prevent network performance issues in hybrid environments.  Enhanced with automation from IBM Rapid Network Automation, IBM SevOne boosts network performance and improves user application experience by proactively monitoring multivendor networks, and turning insights into action across enterprise, communication, and managed service provider environments.

Going beyond detection, IBM SevOne combines industry-leading expertise, ML-based analytics and automated actions to help your teams act on what matters: improving network performance to provide an exceptional user experience.

Observability with automation

Optimize IT operations with insight and action from application-centric network observability

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Benefits Go beyond detection

Surface the insights that matter most and avoid costly performance issues.

Enable next-gen networks  

Enhance visibility to monitor SDN, SD-WAN, cloud and wifi networks across all environments.

Turn insights into actions

Automatically take actions that help the continuous performance of your network.


Quickly understand “Is it the app or the network?”

Enhance your collaboration with application teams when troubleshooting.


Network insights Leverage machine learning to automatically understand what is normal and what’s not across your entire network. Explore network insights

App-centric insights Start speaking “app” to your network performance data and understand your network from an application perspective. Explore App-centric insights

Automated actions Do more with less by leveraging enhanced tooling and automation. Explore automated actions

ITOps integration Quickly spot, assess, and resolve issues before they impact your customers with proactive, real-time alerts integrated with leading AIOps and ITSM platforms. Explore ITOps integration

Explore more features Let’s unleash the full potential of your network infrastructure Dynamic capacity planning

Actionable insights from real-time and historical data to drive dynamic capacity planning for new service or next-gen network rollout.

Simple troubleshooting workflows

Intuitive and interactive drill-down reporting enables efficiency and productivity across the IT organization.

Insights designed for sharing

Dynamic metric and network flow data that are prebuilt and can be easily shared across teams.

AIOps integration

Integrate multivendor performance data with modular flexibility and apply data-driven AI to your ITOps toolchain.

ITSM integration

Two-way integration with leading IT service management (ITSM) systems to close the loop between insights and actions.

Comprehensive data collection

Collect multivendor network performance metric and flow data from physical, virtual, and software-defined infrastructure.

Advanced analytics with ML

Automated baselining with machine learning and intelligent alerts for proactive incident management.

Enhanced visualization

LiveMaps elevates the most significant network issues so that IT professionals can quickly see incidents from a single source.

Scalability for any network

Monitor any enterprise, communication, or managed services provider network without dropping data when scaling up for growth.

Use cases

Hybrid cloud network monitoring Achieve application-centric observability in hybrid cloud environments so you can maintain optimal performance across your entire infrastructure. Explore hybrid cloud network monitoring

SD-WAN monitoring Mitigate the transitional risk of moving from traditional WANs to fast and dynamic SD-WAN links. Explore SD-WAN monitoring

Enterprise wifi monitoring Gain complete visibility across wifi infrastructures to assure consistent high-quality wifi services with modern wifi monitoring and management capabilities. Explore wifi monitoring

SDN monitoring Maximize the performance and value of your Cisco ACI infrastructure with built-in support for monitoring Cisco ACI-based software-defined networks (SDNs). Explore SDN monitoring

Industries Managed service providers

Learn how MSPs can mitigate the transitional risk of moving from traditional WANs to SD-WANs with next-gen network monitoring capabilities from IBM SevOne.    

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Financial service companies

Learn the top six reasons why financial services organizations are choosing IBM SevOne for complete network performance visibility. 

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Communication service providers

Learn how organizations, including CSPs can better manage network capacity for increased customer business and reduce churn.

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Resources AIOps-driven observability strategy

Discover your path to digital transformation with application-aware, AIops-driven network performance management.

How MSPs cut costs

See how MSPs can reduce capital and operating expenditures with the right observability system.

Hybrid cloud network monitoring

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your network performance with hybrid cloud monitoring.

Tool consolidation

Learn how to avoid the added costs of multiple network performance monitoring tools.

IBM SevOne documentation

Explore the latest releases and access additional learning documents for SevOne NPM.

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