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Nimble work needs a flexible workforce. Orchestrate helps you find the right person at the right time by reducing tedious tasks
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Accelerate sourcing and staffing of contingent labor

Business priorities are shifting faster than ever. To respond to new customer preferences or new deliverables, you need a flexible workforce. Contingent labor helps, but sourcing and staffing those workers is a full-time job.

With Orchestrate, you can spend less time staffing and more time delivering. Orchestrate can automate manual procurement tasks, saving your team valuable time for planning strategic initiatives and meeting client needs.


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Benefits of using IBM watsonx Orchestrate for procuring short-term workers
Accelerated candidate search Speed up the procurement process

By using advanced AI skills, Orchestrate can compile requirements from key stakeholders and then work within your vendor management system (VMS) system to open a request with suppliers to find qualified candidates and schedule interviews with hiring managers. Orchestrate helps you move quickly, so you can meet your client’s skill needs on time.

Efficient procurement process Simplify procurement for a flexible workforce

IBM watsonx Orchestrate can simplify your procurement process for short-term workers by reducing the time and effort spent on compiling requirements across stakeholders, scheduling interviews and updating your VMS. With Orchestrate, you can manage sourcing for contractors, rely on automated communication with stakeholders, and be notified when suppliers have sent their best qualified candidates, making the entire process more efficient and effective.

Streamlined candidate management Effortless management of a flexible workforce

Orchestrate can manage the entire process, from sourcing and managing candidates presented by suppliers to engaging them and streamlining the procurement process. This helps free up your time and resources for more strategic HR initiatives.

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How Orchestrate can help

When you’re hiring short-term workers, you need to seek approvals from your company for the new position and craft position requirements.

You must seek expense approvals from your BizOps team, by email or chat, collect all the requirements, and then enter them into your VMS. Because it's often difficult to have multiple collaborators within your VMS, you might have to compile inputs within another tool and copy it over. Orchestrate can help with that.

Orchestrate automates collating content from multiple sources into a single document, so you can focus on building the business case and seeking approvals.

After you’ve earned approval for the additional contractor or supplier, you need to engage with your business operations team to raise the request on your company's procurement software.

To do that, you might log in to email or another communication tool to share the content of your original document with your team. You might set up a meeting with the job post initiator to share details of the revised request, send the request to the initiator, log in and then open your video conferencing tool to have a meeting where you and the job post initiator can discuss and refine the request before posting.

Orchestrate automates entering information from a document into a procurement platform. With your permission, it asks your teammates for missing information and sends files to you to review before submission, so you can focus on project deliverables until you are ready to post the job.

The next step is to assess and interview your candidates. That means you need to receive emails with candidate updates, log in to your procurement platform to open the candidate’s resume, review the resume and send the candidate an invite for an interview meeting.

Orchestrate monitors the procurement platform for any updates, alerting you when resumes have been loaded, and with your permission shares a suitable candidate’s profile with others on the team. At your instruction, Watson asks shortlisted candidates for available meeting times and sets up interviews with final candidates and the stakeholders on your team.

You can focus on meeting project deliverables.

Finally, you get to hire a candidate.

But first you must select a candidate, and that means gathering feedback from the stakeholders on your team, sending messages to the candidate to communicate your selection, and then setting up a meeting with the candidate.

Orchestrate automates communications and scheduling, manages candidates' statuses on your procurement platform, and sends notifications to other applicants, so you can prepare for onboarding the contracted person to deliver on project goals.

Other integrations for your digital worker

IBM watsonx Orchestrate integrates with the top tools you use every day, including candidate sourcing and application tracking software.

Discover integrations ThisWay Global

Enables Orchestrate to prepare a list of potential candidates, filter based on customized criteria, and encourage diverse talent to quickly apply.

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Microsoft Outlook

Enables Orchestrate to perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, and more.

Learn about the integration
Oracle HCM

Enables Orchestrate to work with job descriptions, job postings and candidate follow up to help you find the strongest talent.

Learn about the integration

Enables Orchestrate to create accounts, campaigns and contacts; track leads and opportunities; initiate orders, and more.

Learn about the integration

Enables Orchestrate to help create and update job requisitions, as well as manage candidate assessments.

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Microsoft Teams

Enables Orchestrate to help automate alerts, notifications and other repetitive tasks, as well as aggregate and streamline approvals.

Learn about the integration

Enables Orchestrate to send messages, follow up on job requisitions, share calendars and more.

Learn about the integration
Microsoft SharePoint

Enables Orchestrate to share lists, files and meetings so you can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.

Learn about the integration
Google Drive

Enables Orchestrate to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations with collaborators.

Learn about the integration
SAP SuccessFactors

Enables Orchestrate to create and post job requisitions to job boards.

Learn about the integration

Enables Orchestrate to automate retrieving and replying to emails and deleting unnecessary emails.

Learn about the integration

Enables Orchestrate to source and nurture candidates, post jobs, get application information and share postings.

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