Keep top talent by accelerating the career mobility of your workforce
With one interface, IBM watsonx Orchestrate streamlines your data and tools, so your team can focus on coaching your people to the best career paths
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Save time growing talent

Top talent wants to advance. Retaining your best and brightest and reducing turnover means providing your workers with attractive opportunities for growth within your organization, and quickly identifying who would thrive in a lateral move, or who would be an asset in a higher position.

Analyzing opportunities for mobility and workers who would benefit most from advancement takes time and attention. But IBM watsonx Orchestrate™ can take the busywork out of the process, so you can focus on structuring your team for success.

By the numbers Read the IBM human resources case study 7

7 hours saved by each employee manager with Orchestrate gathering all necessary data for employee career advancement ¹


In the Orchestrate pilot, work that normally took 10 weeks was complete in just 5 ¹


Orchestrate saved IBM 12,000 hours during that quarter’s promotions process ¹

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How Orchestrate can help

To retain top talent you have to create opportunities for their advancement. But that means you need to advocate for new positions, ensure promotion criteria align with the business strategy, analyze a promotion’s impact on diversity metrics, and determine salary increases.

Orchestrate uses human-defined rules to compile and display data and gather supporting data from across your applications, to help you identify people eligible for promotion. So you can make the final decision.

This was evidenced in the case study, where human resource leaders reported that Orchestrate empowered better and more consistent decision-making across the managers and HR business partners.

You want your team to grow and thrive, and you want to make data-led decisions to ensure equity and fairness. But it is cumbersome to track data across employees across applications.

Orchestrate can load data from appropriate applications into a central location, providing near-real-time status updates to team members and supervisors. This information can be used to create a record of reliability and success metrics that can inform plans for advancement.

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