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Put the human back in human resources with an AI-powered digital worker from IBM Watson Orchestrate

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Let’s make job-filling more fulfilling

The prospect of adding new team members is exciting. Getting there is lot less fun — from gathering job description details and chasing sponsor feedback, to working across multiple tools and nurturing candidates. What if you had fewer manual tasks and more meaningful work?

An IBM Watson Orchestrate™ digital employee (digey) can break the cycle of tedious work. All you have to do is ask. Your digey takes your chat and a catalog of skills to quickly deliver results. And it learns as it goes, so you multiply solutions, not tasks.

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Benefits Easy to use

If you can message a co-worker, you can chat with your digey, using simple written requests.

Empower your team

Help them move toward more satisfying, higher-value work.

Get faster results

There’s never enough time to get it all done. Your digey adds bandwidth to your day.

Recruiting and job posting

Job posting

Shrink the steps

Quickly create job openings to recruit the best candidates and beat the competition. Automate the messy work of talent acquisition with Watson Orchestrate’s digital workers. You can also leverage our ThisWay Global partnership, using advanced AI to quickly source candidates that match your job descriptions.

Sourcing and nurturing candidates

Find and nurture

Discover and engage candidates

In today’s tight job market, top candidates have the upper hand. Use digeys to find and nurture talent.

Skills for HR automation
Create job posts, source and nurture candidates What can your digey do? Create a job description template, share with hiring manager, notify you of input, provide a matching candidate list, tell you when qualified candidates apply, and send an introductory message. And that’s just the beginning. Explore HR skills

Integrations for human resources Watson Orchestrate taps into the tools you use every day, from collaboration and communications to analytics and applicant tracking. See integrations Outlook

Enables digey to perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, and more.

Learn more about Outlook integration
Oracle HCM

Enables digey to work with job descriptions, job postings and candidate follow up to help you find the strongest talent.

Learn more about Oracle HCM integration

Enables digey to create accounts, campaigns and contacts; track leads and opportunities; initiate orders, and more.

Learn more about Salesforce integration

Enables digey to source and nurture candidates, post jobs, get application information and share postings.


Enables digey to help create and update job requisitions, as well as manage candidate assessments.

Microsoft SharePoint

Enables digey to share lists, files and meetings so you can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.


Enables digey to send messages, follow up on job requisitions, share calendars and more.

Microsoft Teams

Enables digey to automate alerts, notifications and other repetitive tasks, as well as aggregate and streamline approvals.

Google Drive

Enables digey to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.

What are digital workers?

Digital workers (digeys) are automated assistants designed to support individuals or teams in getting tasks done faster and more efficiently. They work seamlessly across the apps and tools you use most to handle many repetitive tasks, using one or more skills to deliver results. Using a digey to accomplish tasks, from the mundane to mission-critical, frees you to focus on work that matters.

Do I need a technical background to use digey?

No coding or special training is required. You use an elegantly designed dashboard to access your personal digey, and natural language to make requests digey understands and executes using automated skills. It’s all self-service, so IT doesn’t have to get involved in everyday actions. It’s ready out-of-the-box for you to use in minutes.

Do I have to start from the beginning every time I have a similar request?

By using groundbreaking technology, digey understands requests in context, “grows” with you, and remembers more as you continue to engage. For example, once you provide the folder for job templates, digey knows how to reference it each time.

What if we use different systems so our data is all over the place, across multiple apps and tools?

That’s no problem for digey. Your digey can get data from one system and seamlessly store it in another with our out-of-the-box integrations so you can quickly get the specific results you ask for. Explore integrations.

What pricing packages are available for HR?

We think everyone should have access to a digey, so we’re offering a free launch edition for six months when you sign up for the waitlist. You’ll get to try the personal digey with specialized HR skills. As we roll out the roadmap, there will be new releases and editions you can move to before your preview expires. But there will always be an option for a limited free edition.

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