Uncover a clearer, more accurate view of your inventory

IBM MRO Inventory Optimization (IO) is a cloud-based inventory platform that combines statistical analyses, prescriptive analytics and optimization algorithms to help users in asset-intensive industries improve margins, increase service levels and minimize unplanned downtime.

Specifically designed for the unique challenges of (maintenance, repair and operations) MRO environments, MRO IO helps provide users with an accurate, detailed picture of their MRO inventory performance; and powerful capabilities to make informed decisions that balance cost and risk to help optimize MRO inventories.

This cloud service includes intermittent demand forecasting, scoring capabilities to help prioritize pressing issues that need attention, work queues to monitor progress and workloads, and customizable layouts.

IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization

IBM Maximo MRO Inventory Optimization demo (05:36)

Why choose MRO Inventory Optimization

reduction in unplanned downtime related to parts

reduction in inventory costs

savings in maintenance budgets


A clearer view into inventory

Graphic illustration representing a page with a magnifying glass enlarging data

Identifies stockouts, excessive inventory, slow moving and potentially obsolete inventory.

Insights to make the right decisions

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Reviews historical data to drive actionable insights based on criticality, lead time and more.

Business value from the start

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Integrates with enterprise asset management and ERP applications, driving business benefits and cost savings.


Energy and utilities

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Energy and utilities

Reduce the cost of procuring and managing spares inventories for generation, transmission and distribution assets while ensuring higher levels of reliability. Improve maintenance crew productivity by providing the parts they need when they need them. Optimize spares inventories and consolidates across regions and distribution centers.


Worker on an automobile assembly line working on a vehicle


Optimize inventory with more accurate forecasting and budgeting to manage fluctuating demand cycles, increase reliability, and ensure production schedules are met. Assign criticality to assets and items to drive better stocking decisions, saving warehouse space for critical materials — and not for slow-moving and obsolete stock.


Dump trucks being loaded in a working mine


Reduce unplanned downtime by ensuring on-site availability of critical materials and spares to keep round-the-clock mining operations running. Cut MRO inventory-related costs by eliminating inefficiencies, sharing critical spares across geographical regions, and reducing non-essential parts inventory.

Oil and gas

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Oil and gas

Leverage prescriptive analytics and insights from existing data to optimize MRO spares inventory. Cut costs by reducing excess inventory while ensuring availability of critical spares and materials for maximum uptime and peak asset performance.


Introducing MRO Inventory Optimization

Optimize your MRO inventory, cut costs and unplanned asset downtime with predictive and prescriptive analytics.

IBM Maximo® Application Suite

Reach across your enterprise to unify operations, optimize your assets, and maintain business continuity.