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Experience data resilience like never before with enterprise-class protection with granular restore capability and cloud backup service for your Microsoft 365 workloads.
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Storage Protect for Cloud UI to support Microsoft 365 workloads

IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365 is a SaaS that provides backup and recovery of Microsoft 365 assets. Data is backed up to Azure Storage or your own storage system. It is part of the IBM Storage Protect for Cloud family of cloud backup and recovery SaaS solutions for data in third-party apps and services.

With the exponential growth of ransomware and other cyber-attacks, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your organization’s operational data. While cloud service providers offer some degree of data protection under the shared responsibility model, it’s up to the organization to protect their business-critical data. With IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365, you can address the risks inherent in this model by providing flexible backup and ggranular restoration of your valuable data—including users, groups, and configurations.

Try out the solution at no cost for 30 days in your Microsoft 365 environment, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Groups, Teams, Project Online, and public folders. No credit card is required, and there are no data restrictions.

Gain hands-on experience using your own workload data.
Benefits Proactively protect data from data-loss threats

Use early event detection to protect against hardware failure, human error, sabotage, ransomware, malware, natural disasters and other threats to your data.

Free up IT resources from user data-loss inquiries

Enable self-service and delegated administration for the right users to free up your resources from handling data-loss queries.

Improve business continuity

Recover key operational data so your business is up and running as soon as possible.

Features A true SaaS platform

Access this SaaS solution, available globally on Microsoft Azure, requiring no installation, no patches to apply and no updates to implement.

Full or incremental backup and restore

Use granular recovery to manage version conflicts to recover the most authoritative copy.

Granular restore capabilities

Filter content to restore based on content type, owner, date created, file size,
email subject, date sent and more.

Centralized management and reporting

Gain more control with tracking, management and reporting of backup and restore processes from one console.

Enhanced security

Benefit from the built-in security with bring your own encryption keys (BYOK), data storage (BYOS) and authentication (BYOA) all standard, with role-based access controls (RBAC).

Flexible deployment

Secure your data in our Microsoft Azure storage, your own cloud, or any SFTP or FTP server.

Use cases Recover misplaced documents for active users

Recover accidental deletions of files outside of the soft restore window. Addressable through self-service, delegated administration, or help desk assistance, as defined by your IBM Storage Protect for Cloud data retention settings.

Restore hard-deleted mailbox or OneDrive account

Easily retrieve the contents of a mailbox or OneDrive account of users who have left the organization, anytime you choose, to access information to address compliance, business continuity, or other requirements.

Recover from misapplied updates to SharePoint site setting

Recover from changes to SharePoint site settings that could break file inheritance, causing users to lose access to their files, making the ability to restore critical to business continuity.

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Resources IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365

Find out how IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365 can help protect your organization’s data in Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams, public folders and more.

IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365

Learn about the key capabilities built into IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365 that can help protect your emails, calendars and other Microsoft 365 data from ransomware and cyberattacks.

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