IBM Rational Change
A web-based change management solution that offers comprehensive change tracking and change control
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What is IBM® Rational® Change?

IBM Rational Change is a web-based change management solution that offers comprehensive change tracking and change control. It unifies software change management and configuration management repositories through a centralized server and improves consistency and accountability when managing software changes.

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Benefits Get started quickly

Includes best practice templates and processes to support workflow.

Integrate sources of change data

Supports distributed teams with a web-based interface for change requests and task submissions.

Improve reporting

Provides high-level views into your development schedule, and offers quality assurance metrics.

Key IBM Rational Change features Integrated lifecycle change management

IBM Rational Change provides traceability and impact analysis from business change requests through to systems and software implementation tasks.

Integrates with other IBM lifecycle management software

This software integrates with other configuration management solutions, such as IBM Rational ClearCase®, to provide an integrated view of your project.

Robust change management reporting

This software delivers historical trend analysis, status indicators, prioritization capabilities, multiple charting and visualization options, and powerful querying abilities.

Change management best practices

This software includes IBM Rational Enterprise Change Process, a tool for monitoring and managing process improvements, quality initiatives, software enhancements and defects.

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