IBM Payments Pricing Solution for z/OS

Payments Pricing Solution: Transaction-based pricing for FTM

IBM Payments Pricing Solution for z/OS® provides a per-payment pricing option for deployments of programs running in support of IBM Financial Transaction Manager for z/OS® (FTM). The price of the solution is based on how many actual production payments you process rather than overall capacity required to process them. This pricing structure helps you tie operational cost directly to business value.


Save money

Pay only for payment transactions processed rather than capacity used.

Get consistent and predictable costs

Reduce financial risk by linking costs to business adoption and growth rates.

Minimize charges

Pay for production payments only, with no cost for development or testing. You are assured a low, competitive price per payment.

Choose from two options

Pick from software-only or a hardware and software variant.

Learn more about how it works

  • Take advantage of a per-payment pricing model
  • Begin by purchasing an FTM license
  • Co-locate FTM in the same or a separate LPAR
  • Usage reports determine charges