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Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z® is designed to deliver unmatched simplicity, transparency, and predictability of pricing in this era of Hybrid cloud.

Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z offers two comprehensive alternatives to the rolling four-hour average: the Enterprise Consumption solution, which uses cloud-like consumption-based licensing, and the Enterprise Capacity Solution, which is a full-capacity licensing model that offers maximum predictability and simplicity. Tailored Fit also offers specific workload solutions, the Application Development and Test Solution and the New Application Solution, that can coexist alongside both traditional and the new enterprise models.

All of these solutions dramatically simplify pricing and deliver flexible deployment options that are tailored to reflect your environment. They allow you to embrace the best technical fit, greatly reducing need to architect for software costs.

Technology in z/OS provides the framework to enable Tailored Fit Pricing. It provides the capability to meter and report on specific workloads in a similar manner, regardless of the solution deployed. This can be done without manual tagging and tracking or other increased monthly overhead.

You can get started with Tailored Fit Pricing with minimal up-front setup.

Big Picture: A Tailored Fit Pricing Solution

define a solution

Work with IBM to define a Tailored Fit Pricing solution. If this is an Enterprise Capacity solution, you are done.

get your solution id

Obtain the solution IDs that were assigned by IBM from the License Management Support web portal.

update SCRT

Define the containers, including updating SCRT so that it can report the workload appropriately.

send SCRT report

Send the SCRT report to IBM.

How to get started with Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z

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