What IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS can do for you

IBM® OMEGAMON® for IMS® on z/OS® is a performance monitor for IMS resources and workloads. It provides alerts, finds root-cause issues and takes corrective actions. Reduce potential delays and outages by monitoring near real-time metrics and analyzing historical data. Access coupling facility structure statistics, shared queue counts, database lock conflicts and more. OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS provides a single control point in Parallel Sysplex® and monitors IMS Connect TCP/IP transactions. It is available as a stand-alone offering or as part of IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS or IBM OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS.


Minimize impact to critical applications

Monitor applications that exceed service-level commitments of elapsed or CPU times and find problems fast.

Detect and prevent bottlenecks

Graphically visualize impacts to IMS and its applications with bottleneck analysis displays.

Accelerate response times

Gain insight into input queue, processing and output times of transactions. Response Time Analysis (RTA) tracks transactions across the IMSplex and breaks down response times into component values.

Improve control and visualization

View a consolidated log of MTO and z/OS Console messages with IMS Commander—and you can issue type-1 and type-2 commands to IMS.

Save time

Use capabilities such as PARMGEN, a parameter-based installation option, to simplify installation and management.

IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS features

  • Automatic discovery of all IMS and IMS Connect regions
  • Application response times across IMS Shared Queues (CSQ)
  • Consolidated log of MTO and IMS z/OS console messages
  • Detailed application performance monitoring
  • Simplified deployment process
  • Powerful integrated user interfaces
  • Key performance indicator alerts
  • Seamless integration as part of OMEGAMON monitoring family
  • IMS Commander
  • Application Trace Facility