DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson form a new comprehensive CDS solution

DynaMed® and Micromedex® with Watson form a new comprehensive CDS solution Learn more (Link resides outside IBM)

What is IBM Micromedex with Watson?

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For more than 45 years, Micromedex has been one of the largest online reference databases for drug information. Used in more than 4,500 hospitals and health systems worldwide, Micromedex supports over 170 million document views annually. Micromedex facilitates evidence-based decision making in the areas of drug selection, disease and condition management, toxicology, and alternative medicine. It even addresses specific questions, such as dosing and IV compatibility.

Powered by Watson, IBM Micromedex uses AI to accelerate your access to information by bypassing the keyword search process in favor of natural language queries. This means you can type the way you talk, and get the answers you need.

Why choose IBM Micromedex with Watson

Industry-leading AI

Receive fast answers to your questions with natural and conversational search capabilities powered by Watson.

Quick EHR integration

Integrate directly into the EHR to provide clinicians evidence-based information at their fingertips.

Access on the go

Make more informed treatment decisions at the point-of-care, or on the go, with access anytime and anywhere.

Which option is right for you?


Delivers the most frequently accessed IBM Micromedex evidence including critical drug information and tools to help improve patient safety.


Standard Content and In-Depth Answers for expanded disease and condition management considerations and expanded drug interaction IV compatibility scenarios.


Standard and Plus package content and In-Depth Answers for all other information sets + comprehensive neonatal and pediatric evidence-based drug information.


For academic colleges and higher learning institutions, the Academic Package offers the full array of the IBM Micromedex Clinical Evidence Bundles, at discount.

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