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Pricing plans

Observability Essentials

Starting at USD 201




Infrastructure discovery & mapping

Support for on-premise, cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud

Container & orchestration monitoring

1-second monitoring granularity

3-second change notification & alerting

OpenTelemetry support

Observability Standard

Starting at USD 751 – Includes all features in our Essentials Package, plus:

Feature Category




Service Discovery and Mapping

Automatic service and application discovery, mapping, APM configuration, monitoring, tracing

Real-time change detection

Scalability & flexibility for cloud environments

Full-stack visibility with context

Application Performance Monitoring

Code-level visibility for 14 runtimes

Always-on profiling in production environments

Tracing and Log Management

Distributed trace capture and storage

Automatic application log ingestion

Visualization and Analysis

Integrated digital experience management with trace and monitoring

Unified 1-second granularity monitoring of application metrics & infrastructure

Application perspectives for grouping and filtering

Tailored data delivery with instant context

Instana Unbounded Analytics ™

Incident Management

Pipeline Feedback™ for instant change analysis

Instana Smart Alerts for automated issue and incident analysis

AI-powered probable cause analysis

Automated incident remediation

Serverless Monitoring

Serverless application monitoring and tracing

Serverless infrastructure monitoring

Dependency Mapping

Automated monitoring and tracing support for 14 runtimes and 300+ microservice platforms

Real-time understanding of all entity interdependencies

Self-Hosted Synthetic Monitoring

Active monitoring & testing

Generative AI

Performance management of GenAI modules

Log Management

Access log management functionality with 7 days standard retention, allowing you to analyze and retain log data effectively.

Instana Managed PoPs2: Execute synthetic tests from multiple locations around the world, managed from Instana.

  • Simple API Test: $3 per 10,000 executions per month.

  • API Script Test: $5 per 10,000 executions per month.

  • Browser Test: $12 per 1,000 executions per month.


  1. To ensure exceptional performance and sustainability for every client, a data-ingest-based fair-use policy is applied to SaaS offerings, providing 325 GB data-ingest per Standard (50 GB per Essential) MVS entitlement per month, averaged across all entitlements. For exceptional data ingestion needs, we offer an add-on providing additional capacity addressing both regular or on-demand use cases.
  2. You can conduct synthetic tests even without purchasing the add-on if you wish. Synthetic Monitoring is also accessible in the Standard Edition when utilizing your self-hosted Point of Presence (PoP). The add-on is solely necessary for running synthetic tests from Instana Managed PoPs.
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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can start your Instana Free Trial today to experience our monitoring solutions firsthand.

Instana’s Essentials package focuses on basic infrastructure discovery, mapping, and monitoring, while the Standard Package provides more application-centric, advanced features like code-level visibility, tracing, log management, and real-time change detection.

A Managed Virtual Server (MVS) is a unit of measure by which Instana can be licensed. It can comprise physical machines, virtual servers or worker nodes. Physical machines can be physical computers, blades, rack-mounted devices or anything else comprised of processing units, memory and input/output capabilities that execute applications or portions of applications. A virtual server is either a virtual computer created by partitioning the resources of a physical server or an unpartitioned physical server. Licensee must obtain an MVS license for each virtual server managed.

Instana offers various support options, including comprehensive documentation, community forums for peer-to-peer support and knowledge sharing, as well as direct customer support channels for assistance with any issues or questions you may have. These support options ensure that you have access to the resources and assistance you need to make the most of Instana's solutions.

No. At Instana, we believe that infrastructure monitoring, end-user monitoring (EUM), and analytics are all core functions of a great APM tool. As such, everything is included in the APM licensing. Check out common observability myths.

A standard Instana license is available on a minimum order quantity of 10 hosts and includes access for unlimited number of users and support for 300+ technologies.

Yes. Instana is a member of The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and welcomes the use of many open-source technologies. Instana makes it very easy for our users to see their open source traces and metrics alongside, and correlated with, Instana’s natively collected metrics and traces.

No, Instana doesn’t charge variable costs to our customers. The APM license includes all traces (unlimited), databases, users, and storage.  Check out common observability myths.

At Instana, our commitment to privacy and security has led us to complete our SOC 2 requirements and audit successfully. With this certification you have peace of mind, knowing that there has been an independent and full review of Instana’s security that verified the appropriateness in the design of controls regarding availability, processing integrity and confidentiality of the service.

Instana Automates the entire application monitoring. Instana bills on a per host, per month, billed annually, which is more predictable than other competitors. See the six reasons why users are switching

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IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

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