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Mobile application monitoring with IBM Instana Observability helps you identify and address issues quickly to reduce the risk of user frustration or churn
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Illustration showing elements of the mobile application monitoring dashboard

Mobile app users expect continuous availability, functionality and a frictionless experience. Anything less and they won’t hesitate to abandon your app and download something better. With so much at stake, mobile app development teams struggle to keep up using a hodgepodge of disparate analysis and performance monitoring tools to manage mobile app performance.  

IBM® Instana® Observability provides complete, end-to-end overview of your mobile application's performance in real time and from a single platform. This application performance monitoring (APM) includes deep full-stack visibility into application call paths, detailed insights on end-user interactions across mobile devices and the issues that they experience. The solution allows you to monitor mobile applications implemented in iOS, Android, Flutter or React Native.

The power of enterprise observability in pre-production testing
Mobile app churn, by the numbers 71%

Users who churn within the first 90 days of downloading an app1


Users who will uninstall an app if it takes up too much memory1


Users who will uninstall an app if it the app crashes, freezes or has other major errors1

Benefits Identify the root cause of performance issues faster

By connecting a mobile app request at the front end with backend traces generated by each interaction, troubleshooting performance issues can be faster and more efficient.​

Gain deeper insights to inform installation optimizations  

Get real usage data on mobile app adoption, quickly identify where you should focus optimization efforts (most used device, browser or operating systems) and which versions to deprecate.

Increase user engagement by quickly resolving issues

Quickly identify bottlenecks with full context to detect and resolve issues faster, improve the mobile app's user experience and enhance the end-user experience.

Comprehensive dashboard Instana's mobile app monitoring dashboard delivers real user monitoring with key user activity data at a glance, including response time, slow or problematic HTTP requests, geographic data, crash reporting and custom events. From here, IT teams can dig further into the data to identify and address issues that may be impacting the mobile app’s digital experience.

Unbounded analytics Unbounded app analytics provide infinite flexibility to generate new insights from all mobile app and backend metrics details collected by Instana. With monitoring solutions, mobile app teams can quickly filter every aspect of their data in unlimited ways (with context) to discover performance outliers and problem patterns. Learn more about unbounded analytics

Contextual traceability Leverage Instana’s unmatched comprehensive tracing support to consume and analyze every trace, regardless of how it’s captured. Instana provides complete tracing automation combined and correlated with other open-source traces to give you the context you need across every type of trace.
300+ supported technologies

Instana integrates with other monitoring tools, such as log management and network monitoring tools like IBM® Turbonomic®, to provide a comprehensive view of application performance across the entire IT infrastructure with no plug-ins or application restarts.

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Resources Leverage automated APM to accelerate CI/CD and boost application performance

Older monitoring solutions require significant manual effort from IT staff. This not only wastes precious staff time but also increases costs without delivering meaningful visibility into applications and infrastructure.

Myth: Observability is about one part of your stack

By dispelling this myth, our goal is to illuminate observability’s essence as a comprehensive practice offering profound insights into the functionality and performance of entire systems.

Why you can’t skip monitoring and rely only on logs

You don’t need to stare at logs when there are advanced observability solutions that deliver an exact roadmap to problems.

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IBM Instana Observability gives everyone across the enterprise user-friendly access to the data they want with the context they need to deliver rapid issue prevention and remediation.

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