Captures changes and replica of data

IBM® InfoSphere® Classic Change Data Capture for z/OS® is a replication solution that captures changes to nonrelational mainframe data. It delivers changes to relational databases, producing an accurate relational replica of your mainframe data on supported target databases in near real-time.


Replicates data changes

Sends replicated changes to an InfoSphere Change Data Capture target replication engine and produces an accurate relational replica of your mainframe data fast and efficiently.

Improves data-driven projects

Drives dynamic data warehousing, service-oriented architecture (SOA) initiatives, real-time analytics and reporting, data consolidation, migration projects and master data management initiatives.

Captures changes to data

Reads changes from IMS and VSAM database logs from IBM to capture changes to your nonrelational mainframe data. Produces fast and consistent delivery of business-critical IMS data changes.

Key features

Store metadata and source information

Maintain your metadata catalog, which contains definitions for tables and underlying data source information as well as stored procedures.

Deliver accurate CDC data fast

Ensure metadata describes subscriptions and replication mappings to provide accurate data replication. Detect and deliver information across heterogeneous data stores in near real-time.

Support remote tools

Process commands from remote users and from a wide variety of remote configuration and administration tools to expand your ability to administer your enterprise data.

Use TCP/IP to send data changes

Transfer change messages to the target engine over a TCP/IP connection.