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IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration is a set of modern devops tools running in Red Hat® OpenShift® (link resides outside of containers that assists software developers in the modernization of legacy IBM i applications.

Build and deploy next-gen IBM i apps to realize the full value of hybrid cloud and multi-platform CI/CD implementation. IBM i Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration guides your software developers with restful interface connections and enterprise messaging technologies that empower them to add new business value to your IBM i applications.

Benefits Faster provisioning

Spin-up IBM i development environments quickly and take them down when you’re done.

Modernized IBM i applications

Automate the conversion of fixed-format RPG to free-form RPG.

Reduced time to market

Build new IBM i business applications quickly and deploy them faster than ever before.

Single DevOps pipeline

Streamline application development with a single DevOps pipeline from test to production.

Accelerated developer onboarding

Reduce the learning curve for new developers with modern technologies like Git and Jenkins.

Cloud enabled

Allow IBM i applications to realize the value of hybrid cloud with multi-platform CI/CD implementation.

Features Automated security and testing

Ensures applications are written securely across the entire development lifecycle

Continuous feedback

Implements CI/CD for new IBM i application development


Containerizes applications for portability to different environments and clouds

Browser-based IDE

Utilize a browser-based IDE comparable to Visual Studio

Automatic conversion of RPG

Automatically converts fixed-format RPG to free-form RPG for faster application modernization

Git and Jenkins integration

Reduces the learning curve for new developers by taking advantage of Git and Jenkins integration for IBM i application development

How it works

Shift IBM i application development to the cloud Spin-up a cloud-based IBM i development environment in seconds, readily equipped with Git and Jenkins. Speed up the onboarding of new developers with modern tooling.
Secure deployment of IBM i applications Accelerate the provisioning of test and production environments using next-gen deployment technology. Moderate consumption with rapid spin-up, provisioning and tear-down of environments on demand.

Transform legacy RPG to modern free form Automate the conversion of fixed-format RPG code to modern free-form RPG, on the fly, as an integral part of your DevOps process. Make RPG easy to understand for a new generation of developers.

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