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Easily create an application-centric overlay network

Applications, the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, are increasingly being deployed on private and public clouds. Realizing the connectivity across diverse types of clouds involves using complex workflows. Such workflows can take weeks from the connectivity requests by DevOps to the definition, approval and provisioning by CloudOps.

IBM® Hybrid Cloud Mesh delivers on-demand application-centric connectivity by inferring network requirements from business intent. The resulting network abstraction facilitates instant connectivity across clouds, enabling DevOps teams to deploy applications with high velocity and CloudOps to automate connectivity in an application-aware manner with:

  • Auto-discovery of cloud infrastructure and applications
  • Auto-deployment of gateways
  • Simple and automated workflows
  • A common UX for management visibility and control
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Simple, secured and predictable application-centric connectivity

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Improve agility

Deploy connectivity in minutes, not days, allowing teams to better meet their business agility needs.

Align teams

Reduce the hours and days of delays caused by teams using different tools and processes.

Automated actions

Time-consuming workflows across teams with automated actions creating hybrid cloud connectivity.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh empowers enterprises to unlock the full potential of their hybrid and multicloud networks. This solution can help organizations achieve their digital transformation goals, enhance application performance and improve overall business agility. EMA Impact Brief
Improve operational efficiency
Easily connect critical business applications

Create a secured overlay in a simple and automated fashion using a single portal. Connect critical business applications over a secure overlay across hybrid clouds and on-premises, while satisfying business intent and bridging the silos between DevOps and CloudOps teams.

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