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Case studies IBM EDA

Accelerating time-to-market and trimming millions of dollars from chip design costs.

Mentor Graphics

Achieving 25% higher use of costly compute resources with automated scheduling.

MINES ParisTech and Transvalor

Attracting new students to the school by enhancing its reputation as a leader in research.


Pushing the boundaries of semiconductor technology with fast, efficient development.

Cypress Semiconductor

Bringing advanced technology to market faster and at lower cost.

Synopsys and IBM Research

Leveraging IBM Cloud® to scale and accelerate EDA (Electronic Design Automation) workloads.

White papers Maximize Productivity and Value with IBM Spectrum® LSF

Learn how to support the new generation of high-performance computing with IBM Spectrum® LSF®.

Intelligent Simulation Exploits AI to Improve HPC Results

Learn more about IBM integrated software solutions to address challenging AI workloads.

IBM Spectrum LSF Suite Installation Best Practices Guide

Get best practices for implementing and managing a high-performance computing cluster with IBM Spectrum LSF Suite.

Brochures and data sheets IBM Spectrum LSF Suites

Enhance the value of high-performance computing with faster processing and easier management.

IBM Spectrum LSF Application Center

Learn more about application-centric workload submission and management.

IBM Spectrum LSF Explorer

Read about this powerful, lightweight reporting solution for IBM Spectrum LSF clusters.

IBM Spectrum LSF License Scheduler

Enable license sharing between global project teams, ensuring license availability is prioritized by workload, user or project.

IBM Spectrum LSF Process Manager

Run and manage business-critical workflows on a shared, distributed compute environment.

IBM Spectrum LSF RTM

Use advanced reporting, tracking and monitoring for IBM Spectrum LSF environments.

IBM Spectrum LSF

Complete workload management for demanding, mission-critical computing environments.

IBM Spectrum LSF Data Manager

Manage data transfers independent of cluster workloads to improve throughput and optimize use of compute resources.

Other resources Key considerations when evaluating HPC workload management solutions

Learn how deploying IBM Spectrum LSF Suite can help to control the overall cost of HPC.

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